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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    After an exhaustive search on this site regarding this MP without sucess, I decided to take one for the team and visit this place myself. Here is what happened....

    Called to book an appointment. Like many MP's in St. Laurent area, it's run by a chinese women who can't say 4 words in english. Regardless, I took the chance and went.


    It's located on 980 Ouiment, corner Macdonald and 1 street east of Decarie. The outside window is lit up with X-Mas lights.....being on a residential street with occasionally heavy traffic (overflow from Decarie/Cote Vertu) anyone can spot you walking in or out. The door is locked and you must buzz and wait for an answer. Why not just install a freakin' spot light on your ass for all to see. I recommed you call while walking up to the place to insure you get in ASAP.

    Once inside...you have to walk down a series of narrow corridors to the room. No shower in the room ( I couldn't care if there was..i'd NEVER shower...don't feel like catching athletes foot). There was horrible chinse music playing and the massage table wasn't all that confortable. The walls are paper thin so you can hear everything around you and they can hear you. The doors don't lock..which I don't like since anyone can accidentally walk in.


    I lucked out big time with this one. Met a spanish girl named Sarah who was aboslutely adorable. 5"4. 115 lbs with fantastic B cups, dark hair, dark eyes. She looks 29-30 but claimed to be 37. She spoke broken english and no french. (luckily I speak spanish).


    I paid the chinese lady 30 bucks for half hour session......only thing is my session lasted 50 minutes without extra charges. I played dumb...took the entire 30 min. rub down and only at the very end I waited for Sarah to ask about extras. She said she offered only Handjob. No problem.....took a great hand job. She let me undress her, finer her, suck on her breasts and touch her all over. When it was all said and done...gave her $20 tip. Not bad for $50 bucks. I also asked if I could meet her OUTSIDE the parlor...for private massages and she agreed. I don't know if she found me good looking or nice...but I'll definately call her for rub downs.


    Skip the place....not well located....very visble especially with all the damn X-MAS lights not to mention security is lacking inside. IF anyone else visted this place...let me know!!! Curious to see what u eforum.xxxites think of this hole!!

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    Check page 2 of these listings under title 980 decarie.

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    anyone has a number for this place????

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    out of all the women who would you consider the best looking and/or best service? I went to see Sarah last week and she was outstanding...good massage and even better HJ. I grabbed her everywhere..made out with her...fingered her and didn't even have to leave a big tip. $20 bucks on top of the massage..it was great.

    I went back later that week only to find out they're trying to screw their clients over. I asked if Sarah, who is spanish, was available. The dumb b*tch asian said no, she's busy until 6:30 pm but I'm free. I said I'd call back to book an appointment with Sarah later on. I called back, this tofo asian hoe said Sarah was now free and that I could come. When I got there, she said Sarah didn't work tonight and that there was another spanish girl working but she was too busy and that I had to take her (the asian biatch). I told her off, she was trying to get client's to walk in and steal them from the rest. She is not a looker....which is probably why she's pissed she isn't getting clients. I was about to walk out when the "other" spanish girl (who i can't remember her name) came out and said she was free. The two girls faught...then the spanish girl told me to stay. So, I did.....massage sucked....BIG TIME..she was nothing like my first experience....I got my handjob...touched her a little..and walked out WITHOUT tipping. TOLD the chick that she should consider giving better service and working in a better place.

    UNless Sarah is there...no more repeats for this shit hole.

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    stopped in to see julia.was offered jenny,reminds me of cindy from c-s-luc.saw 1 other young one with an attitude.started with jenny but finished with julia.jenny massage is not up to par with julia's,plus i like julia.b.t.w.,showers are up and running.

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    Well, I went back to this shit whole. The dumb asian girl who asnwered the phone assured me that Sarah was working today. When I arrived, Sarah was no where to be found. So they send me this tiny asian chick who looked like she was 40 years old. I had a sore back from training so I decided to stay. She actually gave a good massage. Her handjob skills were nothing to write home about. She had A- cup, 5 foot tall and 100 lbs wet. Didn't really like the the lying and the bullshit that comes with this place.

    I made sure to shoot on her face, took my things and left. Left her 10 dollar tip for taking it like a pro. I've had enough with this place. Stay away.

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    massageplanetone if you stay awy they will probably greatly miss your class and generosity.

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    Touché Joë l

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    stopped in being in the hood and wanted to get julia or jenny who both give a better than average massage,almost if not quite proffesional.neither were there at the time,but 2 other asians were.extremly young looking.i can't emphasize enough how young they looked.told them that i require an insainely strong massage,and was asured that it could be done.took the chance and gave it a try.hands down the hardest and most effective session i've ever incured.seems to be the new direction here that a top quality massage is desired,especialy if emphasized.the negative side to this is that a standard hj is all that is on menu for most,if not everyone here.even at that,not too enthusastic about doing it.no roaming or clothing shed.very eager to please in the massage aspect of it though.perhaps their are others that allow a bit of leway,but i suspect that extreme options are non existant.

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    Default Massage Ville St. Laurent 980 Ouimet

    Hi LauraB,

    Can you please provide more infos about this girl Yuyu?
    Is she attractive?
    Her description?




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