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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    I noticed this advertising about 3 days ago. /hour openning special, Chinese, Thai. As this place is very close to downtown and Decarie,It is on my way to work, This morning I decided to give a try. Very nice massge palour with 4 large rooms all with very clean showers on top of Domino Pizza. Easy Free Parkings around the streets. Very nicely decorated. I can say from the first minute I stepped in till I stepped out, Everything seemed to be very perfect. At first I was received by a very nice looking Receptionist at the door. She told me 3-4 girls 20-25 are available everyday. I asked her to offer me the youngest one in a tatami room. After a quick shower, here comes Mea with a smile, a typical Asain beauty from China, well-shaped 36C, white soft skinned, About 5'6", university student. She started to give me a medium massage. The massge technique was probably only average but I didnot mind because I was enjoying talking to her and busy touching her evil body, fairly open enough to give my HAPPY a good finish. Cost + tips 40. She was happy and asked me to see her again. When I was ready to leave, the receptionest told me 2 other young students named Jennifer and Wendy also work there regularly. Yummy ! A DEFINITE REPEAT !!

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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    Nice review - would love to try. Can you help with a phone # please.

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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    Ok, going up the stairs it smells like a barn, the whole place needs a vacuming, the receptionist takes liberty with the truth. Their web site is from another salon. Not well decorated, small rooms, cold. Not sure about the towel.

    Anyway got a good massage from a defensive Tina 30 - 40 nice body. Had to insist on the full hour.

    Very Good Showers

    Repeat if it keeps snowing like this.

    514 485-1222


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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    Yes Gambler is right on the phone number. I just confirmed with the HOT receptionist. They have about 10 different girls working there. Some girls like Tina only do professional massage with a basic release. But there are other young ones can do a bit more. I had a good session with Mea about 20 years old 2 days ago very satisfied. Mea told me she works on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Guys, try her. You wont be disappointed. I will give you more details after I try 2 other young one there. Enjoy.

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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    I went there last week. The receptionist told me there was 3 girls but only one was available. I took 1 hours ($45) and asked for a tatami room. She showed into the room and asked if I would take a shower. I said yes.
    When I look into the stall, the only soap available was this vile bottled Irish Spring. I wrapped a towel around my waist and called the receptionnist over to ask for a non-perfumed soap. At first she could not understand what was the problem then a light went on over her head when I told her that the smell was very strong.
    But anyway, that was the only thing they had so I showered with water only.
    I was finished drying when the girl walked in. I was agrably surprised. The most that can be said about her face was that she was plain but she was tall about 5'8" and she looked like she had a nice body in spite of the ridiculous clothes she was wearing.(Some kind of bouffant short pants).
    I lied down and asked for a light massage. She was nicely teasing me and I started caressing lower legs which were very white and soft. I was getting nicely aroused.
    At some point I removed one of her shoe and sock and surprise. She had the nicest foot. Very petite and well manicured with red painted-toes. She let me suck on her foot and even removed her other shoe.
    This went on for a few moment then I turned around, quite hard.
    She started talking about $$$ and option. She wanted 80 for a thai which does not really interest me.
    After a bit of haggling we settled on 60 for unspecified service with her top off.
    He had very small breast with nice nipples but a very nice ass for a chinese girl.
    Large and nicely shaped with some meat on the bone.
    So we went on for the rest of the hour with me doing a lot of caressing and kissing her all over. Although she did not remove her panties I could push them aside to rim her and I could tell she was wet through the fabric.
    She was quite active and I had to remove her hands from time to time to make things last.
    She finished me off by sitting on my face and jerking me off.
    All in all a good experience.
    But, no repeat there until they change the soap

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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    May I ask why you don't just bring your own soap? I never go for a massage with out my own soap, last thing I want is to use some nasty soap.

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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    Unless the owners are guilty of some grave moral lapse, I don't see this as a reason to penalize the girls and for me to pass up the opportunity of enjoying the lovelies working here -- like Mia who's already been deservedly well-reviewed and Jennifer who only works on Saturdays. As is true for many Asians, they may be lacking in sensuality, but they go a long way to make up for it in looks, bodies, openness and eagerness to please.


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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    It is a good idea but one I'm not likely to follow, not regularly anyway. How would I explain carrying a bar of soap in my computer backpack?

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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    Walked in without an appointment and took half an hour for $30. In comes Angie, Vietnamese, approx 28 years old, 5'5", 125 lbs. Not slim but not fat, nice C's, better than average looks but could use some dental work.

    Like an American car, she has lots of options all of them regularly priced. Took the full nude with HJ and touching for $60. She tried to upsell me some of her advanced options but I politely declined and she didn't push the matter. What followed was a very enjoyable steamy session.

    The room was large, clean and had its own shower.

    Would repeat but I'm interested in road testing some of the other models first.


    p.s. Not sure what all the fuss is about regarding the receptionist; she was nice but I didn't exactly have to stop myself from leaping over the counter.

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    Default Maxisante 5486 Cote St. Luc Rd.

    : Walked in this morning before work. The receptionest told me 4 girls are available, 3 Chinese and 1 Philipino, all young, slim and beautiful.
    1) Jasmine : 20, 5'6" Just came back from China, 2nd day at this place.
    2) Wendy : 21, 5'5" has the look of a movie star, elegant. student.
    3) Fiona : 20, 5'9" Looks exactly like Mia, tall and beautiful, 1st day to work
    4) Monica : 23,Philipino,very sexy looking. a lot to be discovered. 5'2"
    I follow Yukon's pattern to road-test as many new models as possible. As I had a very good session with Mia last time, I decided on Fiona. Paid $45 for 1 hour. After a quick shower, In comes Fiona, slim with a pair of sexy long legs. She reminds me of some famous Chinese models doing a fashion show in Shanghai. I asked for a medium massage. I was not disappointed because overall I had a very wonderful , enjoyable and smooth hour with her. Money has never been discussed. She was eager to please and gave me a good happy ending. If you guys have tried Mia or Jennifer before, You may expect at least equal-qualitied performance from Fiona. Enjoy ! My next adventure will be with Monica the Philipino since I have never done with any Philipino before.:


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