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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    I found out about this place through local Montreal Chinese newspaper.
    Anybody tried this place before I make an appointment?

    Is it clean?? do they have shower?

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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    I finally had an 30 min session at this place. I called and made an appointement with Diana.

    The place is extremely clean with shower. It is run by Chinese and they only hire Asian girls. Of course I was excited as hell to know that.

    Diana walked in. She is 5'2 average looking but she was very friendly. She told me the place has been running for 4 months and they are so busy that the owner is opening another parlor.

    Her massage was good enough for me. It was nice hard massage. She was talkative and really concentrated on making me happy. Yes there was HJ at the end. She was topless but like all Asians very small boobs.

    I don't mind repeating this place because it is so clean plus they have few attractive girls that I want to try. Maybe they will do more than HJ. Who knows. Always good to explore. I gave $40 tips.

    Probably the friendliest place I ever been.

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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    Read the review. Called and booked Dianne for an hour. Went there on time. Its on the second floor of an office building. Door locked. Had to ring the bell before an Asian girl of late 20's, very pretty, let me in. I paid. Said I have booked Dianne for an hour. She smiled & said OK. Go to room 3 & take your shower please. OK. Walked down the corridor. Wishing that girl is Dianne. Doors all shut tight. Very busy place indeed.
    My room is small with a new table of sort. Very clean. Took my shower and in she came. Not the same girl. This one looked perhaps over 30. Oriental. OK feature. Are you Dianne? She hesitated and said yeah. I have my doubts but what the heck.

    Massage skill so so. Not sensual at all. Talked to her colleaques in another room, not one time, but lots of time. A kill joy. 15 minutes to the hour. Instruct me to turn over. Stood there and said: want extra? bla bla bla. Yeah. Sure. Make my johnny happy and let me go... no repeat.

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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    Sorry Carlos,

    To tell you the truth I would not repeat this place. It happened to me also. I asked for somebody and the sent me a fat girl. I will not go back.
    Try Cinderella massage. It is very good and they will not play with your head like they did to me on Decarie.


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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    Decided to give this place a shot yesterday. Went in and saw Emily. She has gotta be late 30's, 5'3" about 110 pounds. Face looks like she has been through a lot. Massage was average, after 20 minutes I ask her to take her top off. She says ok but asks how much am I willing to pay. I committ to $40.

    HJ was ok but overall experience was nothing special. She wasn't close to as good looking as the receptionist. I wanna give her a try. Would repeat but would try someone new.

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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    Went yesturday and had a tall 5'8-5'9 mid 20's shy girl. I can't remember her name but was really friendly.

    I first went for 30 mins but after 15 mins a asked her if it wasn't too late to have her massage me for the entire hour. She said no problem. The massage was just like i asked her, medium to hard. This was one of the greatest full body massage.

    Wow!!! I felt soooooo relaxed after it, I had a hard time going back to work. She as tallented hands.

    The place is farely new and very clean. the room i was in had a shower but some rooms don't.

    For me it sure will be a repeat.
    35$ for 30 mins
    50$ for 1 hour

    I left 40 tip for the great service

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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    I can't remember the name of the girl I saw here. It might have been Julia or it might have been Diana, but I suspect they all use the same two or three names so it doesn't make a difference.

    I found this place to be clean and discreet, and it was very quiet when I visited a couple of weeks ago. The girl I saw was not really pretty, but had a nice body and sweet personality. She had Chinese letter tattoos just over her rather large breasts. The massage itself was so-so, but she did get completely naked and allowed a reverse massage.

    The downside was that she pulled out her price menu, which I really hate. But at least it was negotiable. Also, while the room had a shower, the water was not very hot.

    Overall, it was okay at best. I was hoping for more sensuality, but she was very sweet. I'd repeat if the mood hit me.

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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    Les quelques résumés ayant piqué ma curiosité, j'ai décidé de visiter le bureau 210 sur la rue Décarie. Sans rendez-vous, je me suis pointé sur place en après-midi la fin de semaine. L'endroit était tranquille et je n'ai pas croisé d'autres clients sur place.

    L'hôtesse, qui s'est présentée comme Gladys, est évidemment asiatique. Environ 26 ans, très typique. J'ai choisi le massage d'une heure (50 $). L'endroit est propre, avec douche, et table de massage conventionnelle. J'ai remarqué une salle de type thai avec simplement un matelas au sol.

    Ne parlant qu'en anglais, j'ai du resortir mes quelques connaissances. Accueil gentil mais sans plus. L'endroit est silencieux malgré les quelques bruits de la ville qu'on entend au loin. Au départ, on m'a demandé si je voulais un massage léger ou plus intense. J'ai demandé le millieu!

    Bon massage mais très ordinaire. Les techniques (j'ai vu une vraie massothérapeute pendant plusieurs années) étaient très banals voire sans grand effet pour quelqu'un qui recherche la détente. Aucune option au menu à l'exeption du HJ à la fin (par défaut). Encore là, la technique était très ordinaire que j'ai dû finir la "job" moi-même. Considérant qu'elle ne réussit pas à me faire venir, j'ai demandé s'il elle pouvait enlever son chandail. Un "non" ferme mais gentil.

    Pour l'ensemble, je ne crois pas y retourner. Pour quelques dollars de plus, je préfère les salons québécois. C'est ma deuxième expérience avec des salons qui s'annonce comme "asiatique" et dans les deux cas, je suis déçu.

    Ainsi, j'ai laissé un 10$ de pourboire considérant le tout.

    PS. Pourquoi les masseuses font-elles un usage abusif d'huile pendant les massages. C'est la première fois que je devais absolument prendre une douche après considérant la quantité d'huile sur le corps.

    [une traduction serait le bienvenue. merci à l'avance]

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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    I have been there many times. The MPs are all young Chinese girls. I think they are all under 30. Price: 35$ for half an hour. 50$ for an hour. It is a New, clean and quiet place.

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    Default Mtl Massage 5253 Decarie, suite 210 (514) 223-1463

    see the other post a few lines under, not new andthread exists.


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