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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    Several weeks ago, at the point of leaving town for several weeks, I took the opportunity to check out several possibilities sighted in the lately departed erotic section of CL. I'll only report on the one that made my efforts very worthwhile.

    With the 2214, which still remains my favorite place, having set the standard with its tasteful high-end decor and ambience and the attractiveness and accomodating nature girls of the on staff, a positive development has occurred among some of the competition, at least in terms of decor and ambience. Old stand-bys like Elite on Swail and Carmen (or Spa Elegance as it is now called) in new premises on de Maisonneuve almost right across from the Vendome Metro station, have made considerable strides in physically upgrading their establishments, even if the quality of their girls has not quite kept pace.

    Now, there's a new kid on the block - a new place that has no name (at least as far as I could make out), situated 1 floor up, in a building on Cote-des-Neiges that also houses dentists' offices and a suntan studio, but has no identifying signage inside or out. That's why I call it the "No Name."

    But as soon as you walk through the doors of suite 102, you are in what appears to be a tastefully decorated condo, with dark wood flooring covered with rugs, comfortable sofas and chairs and dimmed, indirect lighting. The individual rooms are large, also with dark wood flooring, rugs, indirect lighting and well chosen tables and chairs. The rooms that I saw, have large European-style showers with more than enough room for two (You and your masseuse, that is) and oversize massage tables covered in cloth sheets a la 2214.

    Most important, the new kid has at least 2 girls that more than exceed the exacting qualities I demand of MPS - attractive faces, well-proportioned bodies and demonstrating a high level of sensuous and erotic skills - - any MP showing any hesitation in the performance of any of the sensual or erotic requests I ask for earns a "no repeat" score - that's it, simple, short and sweet.

    The 2 girls I enjoyed in a threesome - Jade and Emma passed my test with flying colours.

    Jade - has just arrived from Venezuela and is at least trilingual French, English and, of course, Spanish. I'd seen her alone on several previous occasions, so she was already familiar with my favorite moves. I believe she works Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. She's a definite repeat.

    Emma - a spinner type, hails from Morocco. She speaks French better than English, and, of course, Arabic. This was her first day there and had never met Jade before. She nevertheless was a real trooper, easily coordinating with Jade to assure that I walked out of there with a broad smile on my face that even the winter cold could not erase. In the case of Emma, I suspect that while she meets my requirements she may have limitations that might affect the choice of others.

    Further details are only available by PM to seasoned posters.



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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    The place is called Azzaro or something similar.

    I second the description of Gasp_ar regarding the decoration. However, my experience with the only girl I tried was substandard. She claimed that she was Argentinean (see http://montreal.fr.craigslist.ca/ers/2102066160.html while it works) but she couldn't speak a word of Spanish. I would say she's from Caribbean origin.

    Lousy massage. She were pretty open on the options department, although nothing unwrapped. Not very charming, rather mechanical. Not a repeat (maybe Jade is better).

    Hope this helps,


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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    i entered the suntan studio across the hall by accident. then went to suite 102 for channel....
    the place is really nice and clean. big studio room that had a high huge comfortable bed. shower, sink. towels were fluffy and clean. felt like i was in a 4 star hotel........
    channel is well known from aro-mass. speaks french. ok english to get by.... ethnic background is half bresil, half black. advertised as bresilienne, but looks more black. sammy sosa was latin, but looked blacked :-).

    face: 6.5 (cute, caramel skin)
    body 6 (great real 34D big tits. the fat in her belly turned me off, but a lot of guys are into that). i rate 6 but if you love meat, then you can score as high as 8.
    attitude 8 (nice and respectful)
    service 7 (options, not rushed)

    haven't been to 2214, so this is the nicest place i went to......

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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    Gatero, I checked it out with Marie, the mamasan at this place, to clear up the name issue. Well, Gatero, you were more right than me - the actual name, although it doesn't appear anywhere, is AZZ (whatever that's supposed to mean or be in reference to). Everything else in my post is accurate - the decor and ambiance alone are worth a trip and Jade is recommended.


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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    Ok... so the previous business here was called AZARIO and their business description was "PLUMBING, HEATING AND AIR-CONDITIONING / VENTILATING CONTRACTORS". And the new business is called AZZ. But of course, the business description is the same... he he.

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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    Hi everyone,

    Nice clean place, very nice deco, brand new I would say. By the look it reminds me 2214.

    Had a session with Jade about 2 weeks ago. She's Latino like Kasp_ar says. 5'4'' i would says, Nice attitude, C cups. Everything was on the menu, BBBJ,... She's pretty sensual, she's Latino so....

    Tips 100$.

    Repeat I would say Yes. She's nice.


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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    This MP, "Azz", used to be on the second floor of the same building. New location in suite 102 since last October. I also had a session with petite Jade from Venezuela for 55$/1 hour. Options range from 40 to 120$. BBBJ, DIGITS, MPOS and MSOG. I love using my fingers to massage the vagina deeply and she really looked like she enjoyed it too. She is not into kissing. After the maximum option, and a bit of a breather, she gave me a good hj as well. She works Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The place is open from 10 am to 10 pm.

    She knows about eforum.xxx and asked me to review the session if I was satisfied with her service. Repeat?: I would seriously consider it, yes.

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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    Spoke to Anne yesterday at aro-mass Charlevoix. She confirmed this is the new aro-mass cote-des-neiges(under a different name of course).

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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)

    Is this the same salon that had a room that had fishnet on the wall a poor imation of a greek boat? It was on the second floor on your right to the end. It was on the west side of cdn near swail.

    Forgot the name, there was a Roxanne working there.
    Hope they had major renovation the time I went a few years back the freakin shower didn't have any hot water. The massage table was an elevated bed of foam. Not a nice setup for relaxation. Roxanne was verry nice. The used to have adds on 123.

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    Default The "No Name", 514-737-3003, Cote-des Neiges (corner Swail)


    Yes AllOvderHer, it's the same place, but it change dramaticlay. Shower in each room, very nice atmosphere. 2214 is better but not very very far from. The shower are not like the one you see in asian place. Shower with glass door.



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