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    Default TINA: THAI lady from JASMINE Massage

    first, here is link: http://spamassagejasmine.com/?p=115

    I am more into outcalls than going in massage parlor.
    Still on a beautiful Sunday afternoon, not too many outcalls available.
    Went to Jasmine salon de massage.
    Apparently it changed name 18 months ago, so Mod merge my review if there is an existing one on the old name.
    i took one hour with Tina.
    Thai lady.
    pictures accurate
    $ 50 for the entrance fee for one hour, no spas.
    $ 80 extra for thai massage.
    but believe me..thai massage alone is great.
    what a nice little body, beautiful natural breasts.
    Thai face.

    nice girl, sweet.
    i am not used to reviewing MP.
    But this place has two other Asian lady available.

    went out happy....but no singing

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    Default TINA: THAI lady from JASMINE Massage

    I agree with Miko. I liked her too. She is very skillful with her hands. I wanted the massage to last forever. That's how great she is with her hands. I was undecided to choose an option. I finally went with a double classical happy ending (hj). She was surprised by that request. It was the first time she did that. It was a first for me too in a mp. After the first release, she massaged me a bit, then proceeded with another happy ending. Wow I was impressed by her magical hands. And the second release, I saw stars....

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    Default TINA: THAI lady from JASMINE Massage

    Tina is a sweet pretty girl I spent a nice hour with her. She has wonderfully soft skin and a great attitude. She is not money hungry and delivers. As this is MP, I will not discuss detail, PM me. I left fully satisfied.

    Pictures are her, she is sooay mok. We chatted in english - good and my pidgin Thai - fun !, don't know if she speaks french.

    2 other Thai girls available

    $50 for 1 hr. Options available discuss by PM.

    Will definitely repeat.




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