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    Default SaSa@Prosper (Kingsway)

    Felt the urge so figured I would head to Prosper. They sent in Sasa, who says she is Thai/Japanese. I am not sure, looks more Thai than anything.... She is not Chinese, anyway. She is around 5'2, B cups, no spinner, a bit of a tummy, but looks nice enough.

    Massage is ok. Not life changing, but adequate. English is passable, so you can have a conversation with some effort. After a little over 20 minutes, the flip, she asks what I want, and I say everything...She asks $1.4, and I mention I have been there before. She accepts $1.2. If the experience is good, I readily tip, but I prefer to see.

    She attempts the light touching thing, which seldom works for me and moves to CBJ. After a couple of nice minutes, she says "my turn" and lies on the table. I oblige, and do a little DATY. Hard to tell if she is enjoying it or putting up with it. We move into miss. I start slow, and she pulls me in close, but turns her head away. This goes on a for a few minutes, and then we switch to CG, after she asks pointedly if I am going to finish soon. I sort of finish. Her CG was very hard and is clearly geared towards trying to get me off ASAP.

    L: 6.5 - Pretty average
    A: 4.5 - I could have been spoiled by past experiences, or we did not hit it off, or she wanted more money, or whatever, but she was professional, but that was it....
    S: 6 -pretty pedestrian.

    While I certainly do not expect a PSE at an AMP, this was not satisfying. Any good talent at Prosper these days?

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    Default SaSa@Prosper (Kingsway)

    Sasa is Thai. At Prosper Kingsway I recommend Lucy or Ayumi; and at Prosper Main, my preferences are Judy (though very little English) or Amy for a good time.

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    Default SaSa@Prosper (Kingsway)

    Is this the same girl that BigAl called Shasha in a recent post? The discription is a bit different.

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    Default SaSa@Prosper (Kingsway)

    Stay away from this place. It is filthy and the girls are ugly.

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    Default SaSa@Prosper (Kingsway)

    Originally Posted by peter2006
    Stay away from this place. It is filthy and the girls are ugly.
    better yet, how about YOU stay away from THIS place


    You have such a low standard, why don't you go to Hastings street, Fool!

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    Default SaSa@Prosper (Kingsway)

    Hey peter2006. An unregistered coward has no respect on this board, fool.

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    Default SaSa@Prosper (Kingsway)

    For me the session went great and the spinner bod is nice. She is not hot model looks but she aint $$$ per hour either. Good value perhaps YMMV.

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    Default SaSa@Prosper (Kingsway)

    sterling_stan, you're another idiot!



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