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    Default melanie masseuse boisbriand

    more info on her and option

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    Default melanie masseuse boisbriand

    your first post and this is what you ask????? Mod, time to punish this Newbie.....lol

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    Default melanie masseuse boisbriand

    I want more info abour this girl if somebody meet her before how was the service.....before i will go

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    Default melanie masseuse boisbriand

    I just called ... and No answer .. Will try later ... Pics look good ... will keep you updated

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    Default melanie masseuse boisbriand

    hello, saw her twice and first visit no option offered. I made it clear in my second appointment I wanted hj. She agreed for $20 extra. I haven't been posting much information here but I am always and still looking for a petite Indy, and she is a perfect match, but no other options than hj were offered. She kept her bra too. I live close to Boisbriand so convenient for me. But I can't find any petite Indy like Little Nadia upnorth, and I thought Melanie could be the one but she is more therapeutic than sensual. Bottom line, make sure you mention your needs before the appointment cause chances are that you will get a very good massage but no release. If you want theraputic massage only, she is quite good.

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    Default melanie masseuse boisbriand

    check jaysxlist. you can find a petite one in ste. theres.

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    Default melanie masseuse boisbriand

    Saw her about 2-3 months ago. Very pretty girl except for the nose. Great hard body...probably works out....fake DDs. She received me one afternoon. Started off with a great massage.....strong sports theraputic style massage....the way I like it. Worked out the kinks and aches in my body. 10 minutes left in the hour massage I took she asks me to flip, she sees me hard like a rock and asks what else would I like. Told her what do you offer in which she replies only a hj. I ask her to take off her clothes but she said I will take off only my top and please not to ask for more because she firmly replied that is far as she goes. Proceeded to give me a nice slow hj that was well done. In the end I left satisfied and gave her the standard rate of $40 on top of her hourly rate.

    Looks: 8.5/10
    Body: 9/10 would have gotten a 10 but has fake boobs
    Service: 9/10 Great massage with a good hj
    Repeat: Yes, but once in a blue moon since she is out of my way a bit and only offers a topless hj

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    anybody else when there since ?

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    anybody have been there since then ?



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