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Thread: Nuru Massage

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    Default Nuru Massage

    I think this quesion might have been asked before but after doing a search, was unable to find anthing.

    I was looking at youporn the other day and they had these videos called nuru massage. It's where both the client and MP are naked on a mattress and they soak you and her in oil and then proceed to do a full thai massage. Granted in the video they do more than just that (which is not an absolute must but could be cool).
    So the question is, does this exist on the island of montreal? If so, where, who and how much? Anyone ever experience this and can give some feedback about it?


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    Default Nuru Massage

    it does not exist. (I recall seeing a MP on parc I think that claims it, but i never went).

    that is the type of massage you get in Bangkok. the fucking best.

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    Default Nuru Massage

    i tried it at le Satin rouge, its amazing and i think maison massage offers it too


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    Default Nuru Massage

    Nuru massage is also offered by Dalia and Dani at Maison Massage (http://www.maison-massage.com/thegirls.shtml)

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    Default Nuru Massage

    Here is an update on Nuru massage in Montreal.

    First of all, Dani of Maison Massage has confirmed to me via PM that she no longer offers Nuru massages. Of course, this does make it official. Only the Mods can do so by updating her thread (http://eforum.xxx.ca/vbulletin/showt...hlight=Nuru%2A), or by allowing Maison Massage to post this information, on her behalf, in the thread.

    Secondly, Montreal Nuru Massage has been recently banned from eforum.xxx and some current posts on them do not contain a lot of complimentary information (http://eforum.xxx.ca/vbulletin/showt...-Montreal-Nuru)

    I did find a single postive review (by mikehears, as mentioned in this thread) of a Nuru session given by Sophie of Satin Rouge (http://eforum.xxx.ca/vbulletin/showt...l=1#post518054)

    The very best Nuru option available in Montreal - indeed, to my knowledge, the first masseuse to provide Nuru massages in Montreal - seems to be Dalia of Maison Massage. Her thread contains overwhelmingly positive reviews (with a sprinkling of some negative) (http://eforum.xxx.ca/vbulletin/showt...Maison-Massage)

    Unfortunately, Dalia does not work very often, something like one weekend a month. And for me, weekends are not possible. That brings me back to Sophie of Satin Rouge as the only option.

    I would therefore like to know if there are there other positive reviews of Nuru massage sessions that I might have somehow missed? Or, can anyone who had a positive Nuru massage session, for example at Satin Rouge, but not written a review, provide any additional info?

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    Default Nuru Massage

    To Mods: The OP of this thread appears to have posted it in the wrong section. I suggest that it be moved to the Montreal Massage section.

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    Default Nuru Massage

    Robi, as funny as it might seems, this is in the proper section. Other questions in the massage section are at the wrong place officially. Since this section's title is not clear, we're leaving people post question about massages in the massage section.

    To follow eforum.xxx's massage seeker's habits, I'm moving this thread.




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