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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    I have been working on the south shore lately and decided to check out the local SP. Michelle's ad in the local rag stating (translated from French) BEAUTIFUL AND CHARMING...41 yr...BLAH BLAH BLAH....for a massage intense with pleasure immense.....Class assured....www.massageauparfumdefemme.com

    I am not sure if it was because someone took the time to actually write a different massage ad or class was being assured that made me call her.

    When Michelle answered the phone it was clear about the class assured part. She gave great phone...a hint of fun, experience, naughtiness, charm and classy.

    She receives in a large above average apartment building in St. Lambert...I knew there had to be a few SP in snootty St.Lambert. Due to the size of the building, one feels anonymous going from the street to the apartment.

    Walking down her corridor, I got the feeling that I was somewhere classier than I would be normally. I did not need to knock, the door opened just as I arrived in front of it. I entered, door closed revealing Michelle. My first hormonal response was immediate and strong...there standing before me was one striking, good looking, sexy lady.

    My second reaction once my brain kicked in, was to noticed that she was very poised, dressed sexy elegant not sexy slutty, self-assured and exuding class. Michelle's 5'6", 120 lbs, blond past shoulder length hair,36 D breasts, well proportioned body got an immediate thumbs up from my dick.

    After the initial hello, hug and smile we went to her massage room (MIchelle works with Cindy who is younger and good looking). Michelle's apartment, washroom and massage room are well furnished, very tastefully appointed and elegant.
    I took care of the financial part (I took the 160 - full service...no greek.

    Michelle disrobed from her black slinky cocktail dress as I undressed. She finished first. What a sight to behold her naked..beautiful hair, lovely face, enhanced breasts, hairless snatch and a body that was well maintained.

    I laid face down and and Michelle proceeded to make me very happy. She kept her body close to me as she massages so that I could grab her lovely ass or kiss her breast and suck on those exquisite nipples . She must spend a fortune on skin lotions because her skin was heaven too touch and nibble on.

    I watched in the full length horizontal mirror as Michelle rubbed her breast, climbed on top rubbed her body along mine. Her naked body with arched back stretched out my back reminded me of an image of a lioness taut and ready to leap. But I was not worried, I was happy.

    When one side was done like toast, I flipped over on my back, Michelle and. Michelle started a lovely CBJ, putting the raincoat on with her mouth. Her oral skill was excellent and her pussy was silky soft and delicious when she moved into 69.

    It was a kick to see my cock disappear again and again into that hot wet pussy as we went thru my trio of positions. My favorite was doggie, she definitely has a lovely arse and pounding it until I popped with the sound of my balls slapping up against her, was bliss.

    And then it was over. I dressed, hugged and departed...grinning all the way back to my car.

    Face..........3.5-4/5 beautiful face not 41 probably 45 yrs
    breasts.......4-4.5/5 36D enhanced..very nice and soft
    service.......4.5/5 extremely discreet and classy

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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    Hey Gigot, nice review, I am in the South Shore so might like to give
    this classy lady a try, I'm not into FS so was wondering
    if regular massage with release was on the menu and at what cost
    and is she naked.

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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    1)- It Is.

    3)- Yep, she sure does.

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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    Hi. Very nice review.

    When you say you took the 160 FS no greek... did you mean the greek option was available but you didn`t take it or that greek was not an option?

    Thanks. If she does speak greek, I`ll pay her a visit for sure.

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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    Hi Sexypig,
    I like Greek also but Michella does not offer it. I still recommend her for the trip that she is.

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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    Any info on her partner Cindy? 41 is a tad out of my league. But classy isn't


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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    Man...................................This beautiful woman his HOT!!!!!! Sa w her this mroning, was worth the trip. A sure repeat for me!!!!!


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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    Hey here2cum,

    Since you saw her this morning, how about giving us some details????

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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    I was feeling extremely horny and was looking forward to a repeat performance with Michella who made my day when she answered the phone and said that she could see me before I died or noon which ever would come first. In the end I came first or was I second, in either case it was a blur…one big lovely blur. Someone once said that familiarity breeds contentment…with Michella it seems that familiarity breeds the basis to an ever evolving relationship.

    The first time that I had experienced Michella I definitely thought that a connection or chemistry existed by the end of the session that really made me feel that I was experiencing someone who beside providing a service, took the time and made sure that my wishes and fantasies were fulfilled. I had left a happy camper and was hoping that would be the case this time also.

    From the moment that she opened the door to her lovely apartment, her smile conveyed the feeling that said that she was as happy to see me as I was seeing her. It really started the whole session off on a higher, more open, more friendly level. Which in turn made everything that followed seem like an encounter between friends rather than a transaction for services rendered.

    The door closed. Michella gave me a kiss and as she hugged me hello I could feel the warmth and subtle features of that fantastic body. I hugged her causing those 36Ds to press tightly to my chest as my hand slipped down to squeeze one of her luscious ass cheeks. I released. I moved back. I smiled. I got a class 4 erection (class 4 erection is when the penis rapidly swells up and start to leak lubri****…she had me coming at hello). She smiled and led me to her lair.

    I paid. I disrobed. I was neat and hung my clothes up (I made sure not to leave my underwear on the floor). Once naked I took myself and my erection over to the part of the massage room where Michella, now naked , was standing. She had a naughty smile as she glanced at me and then at my erection which she grasped and started a slow stroking session as I embraced her and kissed that lovely neck, those divine ears, those exquisite tits with the pointer sister nipples. I was like a glutton at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    Michella stepped back, turned on her lovely eclectic mix of music and patted her massage table, indicating that I should lie down and she will start serving the treats. Being someone who can orgasms quickly, Michella knowing that took the time and techniques to stretch out the session.. She started her erotic massage by standing at the head of the table and started what would be one hour of continuous touching, stoking, rubbing and caressing. It was as if she was trying to get me addicted to her touch…it worked. As she did her touching, I was able to reach around and massage that her lovely ass and have my fingers explore her gorgeous shaved snatch. The sensation of silky smoothness of her skin alone is worth the cost of admission. Anywhere my lips traveled on her body, her skin was supple, pristine, ultra soft and delicious. She is a delight to nibble on, a feast for the eyes as well as the taste buds. That is not to say that ones nose does not get its own orgy of scents. Michella body both times was lightly perfumed with a delicate floral scent, her hair had its own subtle fragrance this was mixed with scent from the soaps and oils that electrify her skin. Dining at the Y was truly an orgy of scents and pleasing tastes…quite intoxicating. I feasted.

    Then the moment came to turn on my back and start into the main course. Michella started me off with a little appetizer BJ. My Ti-Gigot was fully erect from Michella’s oral talent was demonstrated. It is quite obvious that she enjoys giving head, whether she is butterflying the tip of the cock with that devilish tongue or making the whole monster disappear or applying suction on the shaft during the up stroke, there is always a smile on her gorgeous face when she stops to take a breath and make eye contact. She readily got into 69 and started a slow gyrating of her pussy on my lips. She continued until she climaxed (nice to know that my years of dedication, commitment, study, practice and sacrifice to proper pussy licking paid off) which is always a trip for me because I always fantasize the encounters as a GFE.

    Having reached maximum hardness, which in my case has to be used immediately or else it will evaporate, I got Michella to present her absolutely lovely arse for doggie. RUFF….RUFF….Sliding into her soft silky smooth shaved pussy was liking dying and going to heaven, the softness of her arse spooned into my groin coupled with the warmth and tightness felt by my cock buried in was ecstasy. We continued doggie for 5 minutes (Ilove listening to the sound of the testicles slapping the clit and the venus mound with each stroke). Usually I can last for three positions, this time missionary was eliminated because I explode during reverse cowgirl. The sight of my happy pecker being engulfed by that fantastic, non-stop pussy quicken my eruption and then I blew.

    MIchella allowed me to lay spent for a moment before cleaning Ti-Gigot who was quite limp but happy. She then spent a good seven to ten minutes giving me a cool down massage, making sure that my heart rate had slowed to calm. I dressed. She kissed me good bye. I hugged her and grabbed that lovely ass one last time. The door opened. I departed and returned ready to run in the rat race a bit longer. I left a happy camper.

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    Default Massage Parfume de Femme St. Lambert (450) 923 4010

    you posted this befor

    posted by Gigot

    Cindy...Hot fun blond in St. Lambert
    Thanks you, here2cum for pointing out Cindy (she advertises in local paper in St. Lambert...450-923-4010). She is amazing, operating out of a elegant apartment in a very discreet apartment building.

    Having read here2cum's comments I was expecting a good looking lady to answer the door. I was pleasantly surprised and happy (Ti-Gigot was excited ) when I had a chance to take in the sight of Cindy standing there in a very sheer white gown that highlighted her fantastic figure. Her nipples were evident from the dark shadows cast on the front of the lingerie and that beautiful ass glowed thru the fabric as she walked me to her massage room.

    Cindy is a rare individual in this business, she loves what she does, she is happy making her clients happy, and she is very happy with her body and age. She advertises her actual age which is 41, but looks between 30 to 35. She refuses to follow the usual practice of ladies stating they are a lot younger than they truly are. The reason age came up was because I thought I was with the wrong person, someone who would look 40 or older. Not the case.

    After the taking care of details (finances...160$ for the works..no Greek) and the mandatory washing of the hands (I was encouraged to shower but declined because I had just exited the shower at home), we undressed and she led me to the massage table. There are hooks to hang up my clothes and a stereo to play an eclectic mix of music which served as a relaxing and soothing background ambivance.

    I held my breath as she peeled off that white sheer gown and the full vision of her nakedness and beauty, the expectant joy of the next 60 minutes started to sink in. Cindy has a cute like the girl-next-door face, but a to-die for body. She stands 5foot 6, 115 lbs, blonde shoulder length hair, shaved bush and a lovely pair of enhanced 36C breasts with quarter size nipples. I pinched myself just to make sure that this was not a dream.

    Cindy started her service with a massage which was designed to be much more erotic than therapeutic, which was quite alright by me. I loved the touching, caressing and body rub with her breast and full body…what away to break the ice. The whole time I was lying on my stomach I had full access to that beautiful ass and pussy (which was quite wet when I started to finger her). It was interesting to see her many movements across that narrow massage table, a few times she was rubbing her tits across my back while she was kneeling on the edge of the table with the bulk of her body hanging over the side. She is truly part cat, part temptress.

    When we exhausted the fun on my tummy, I flipped over, laying on my back waiting for he good times to roll. Which they did shortly. Cindy started by standing at the head of the table as she started to caress and stroke my head and upper body, leaning over my body as she reached down my torso allowing me ample opportunity and time to suck, tickle and lick those tasty responsive nipples. She got Ti-Gigot to stand to attention in this position. I was sucking on her nipples, she was sucking on mine while she gently started to stroke the little guy. She slipped on a raincoat and commenced a great BJ,. Watching that cute face and lush lips making my dick disappear and then reappear was a trip in itself. Cindy then positioned herself so that this morphed into 69. God she was very responsive with moaning and accompanying gyrations of that delicious pussy on my face as my tongue tried its damnest to return the pleasure I was experiencing.

    Having sex was awesome. My usual trio of positions missionary standing, reverse cowgirl and doggie, were all done to my delight and satisfaction…in particular reverse cowgirl where I can see my dick disappearing and returning from that hot wet pussy as it slid up and down my shaft. I exploded and then stood up on the table and thumped my chest like tarzan (which caused me to start to cough so I careful stepped down to get dressed), but Cindy had me get back on the table to get a cooling down massage which was meant to slow down the heart rate and get you relaxed and calm before re-entering the outside rat race. Very nice touch. Big kiss on the cheek and an extended hug and I was gone…but smiling.

    Face….3.5-4/ 5 cute face, looks like early 30;s
    Body…4-4.5/5 amazing body
    Attitude..4-4.5/5 open, funny, friendly and dedicated to your satisfaction
    Service…4-4.5/5 more GFE without the kissing than PS
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    now if cindy is 41(which is already kinda old ) ..and you say cindy is younger then how old is michelle ?
    from your review they both look the same ? are they sisters ?
    is there any massage skills for real ?
    160 $ no kissing ,cbj , one service , is it worth it ?
    if not this should be in the in call section ...


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