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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    Did somebody went there ? It is a new and recent asian massage on Jean-Talon West near to Namur metro. Well, I don't even know if it is a erotic massage or a serious one because on the website they look like normal service but I find on some nude photos on their advertisement . The asian girl looked very beautiful and gorgeous on their website. I f someone want to try, please put your review on this post?

    Vous pouvez aussi me répondre en français. J'ai écris ce message en anglais parce que le site est en anglais et je crois qu'il y a plus d'anglophones que de francophones sur ce site.

    Adress: 5005 Rue Jean Talon Ouest Montreal, QC H4P 1W7, Canada

    Some advertisements on craigslist that show more photos:

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    Links to website and CL ads have been removed along with the telephone number.

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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    Is it the same as ??? (It is also a chine’s place and Jessica is a best one here)

    [B]>>> EDITED BY MOD 11: AlbertA, what don't you understand? 2 post above yours the guy got suspended for doing exactlt what you are doing in this post. Contact info removed. It's not acceptable to post contact info about a provider who is not a eforum.xxx advertiser unless it's a review thread.

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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    I have been there a few times before it was called Sakura Rose and once after.

    The last time i was there, i had this chinese girl named Michelle.

    She's about 5'4, 105lbs, A/B-Cup

    She's a super bubbly and happy girl who likes to joke around. I mean i was there pretty late and i am pretty sure i was the last customer of the night (i was just driving by and got an itch )

    I only took a half hour cause i have no idea how good the massage part is gonna be so why go for an hour and be pissed that you got tickled for and hour and gave them an extra $15 to do so?

    Anyway, like i said, very bubbly girl. She was very talkative.

    Massage was ok i guess but is that really what i was here for?

    Complete menu available... Decided to go with the "Saucisse dans la bouche" but then swicthed mid ingestion when i couldn't enjoy it because of the way too thick crust covering the sausage.

    Went for the "Pain fourré à la viande" but after a few minutes, i was told to hurry up because my table reservation of 30 minutes had now expired...

    Kinda put a damper on this culinary experience but i know it was my fault for dining so late. I hurried up and gave her the leftover white gravy.

    Honestly cannot remember what the cost of this meal was but i remember it being within the norms for a 2 and a half star restaurant...

    Repeat? Believe it or not, yes. I want to be fair and try her or someone else when i am NOT the last patron of the day.

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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    The Serenity Prayer
    God grant me the serenity
    To accept the things I cannot change,
    Courage to change the things I can,
    And the wisdom to know the difference.

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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    This summer I went there for a 1 hour session. Seen the advertise in craiglist. a filipina. the picture 8/10. See in person.........4/10. Other asian masseuse...very nice massage and a good menu to choose from.

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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    Great story Rog!

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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    I will be visiting Montreal next week and am interested in an open minde massage place. How would sakura Rose compare with 5253 Decarie #510 or #201 which I know.

    I would appreciate comments as well as reviews or PM's from Sakura Rose.


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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    i went to smell the roses on Sunday. I was greeted by 30 something former glamour queen movie star calling me "honey".....almost left. However, I asked to slim and tall, or just slim. I go into very comforatble mattress on floor room, clean with lousy crooner music playing....maybe she thought I was a GI. In comes Crystal, 5ft2in, maybe slim in Asia, but well proportioned nice C's, about 125 lbs. She sits on my butt and asks what type of massage I would like.....hard I said...and she proceeds to give my one of the best massages ever....a bit of teasing and she has some very interesting moves around the butt and inner thighs. Upon the flip, $$$ immediately.....she was going for the C note, I countered with $20 and HJ, she said minimum $60 for HJ, I said "no way", she said $40.00 and we were on our way. I new that I would get my $40's worth, which I did.....I still prefer slim and tall but the massage was awsome. Enjoy...SD.

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    Default Someone went to Montreal Massage Sakura Rose ?

    I spent time with Crystal. Her massage skill is not so bad and she applies some special methods. Also Crystal is a well proportionate and not too slim but slim and good looking… But overall impression is good, she is very friendly and some chemistry happened. I will repeat with Crystal and will see if she has the same behavior…



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