I tried visiting Broadway Bodycare a couple times when I couldn’t get hold of any independent SPs but so far no luck. Twice I went mid-afternoon when only two girls were available and none interested me (this was in November). Twice in December there was already another customer waiting in the chair by the front door while they were trying to get rooms ready. It seemed like there would be a bit of a wait so I left. I like discretion and privacy and didn’t relish the thought of standing by the front door waiting my turn. I’d rather wait in a room while it’s getting prepared rather than stand next to another customer who is nervously staring at the floor. However, I’ll probably keep trying BBC in future whenever the independents aren’t available on short notice and one day I’m sure I’ll get lucky.

I read a few good reviews on eforum.xxx about Great Pharaoh so decided to give it a try. I checked their address in the Georgia Straight ad and headed on over. Luckily I checked the address - Great Pharaoh is hidden away at the back of a little strip mall on the south side of Kingsway between Boundary and Joyce. I’ve often driven past it and never noticed it before!

When I got there, they had three ladies available (all Caucasian). All were older than what BBC typically has to offer, and the youngest was at least in her late 20’s. However, they weren’t busy that time of day and the premises were quite spacious compared to BBC. The rooms were also a decent size and some had massage tables while at least one had a futon/bed or whatever. They didn’t have showers in the rooms (which would have been a big plus), but the shower that was available looked very clean and there was lots of soap and shampoo available.

I selected Jess but was told she was only available for a 30 or 45 minute session because she needed time to get ready for another client who made an appointment the day before for later that day. That struck me as funny because if I had time to make an appointment for the next day, I would have made an appointment with one of the great independents. The only reason I ever go to MPs is for the “drop-in” convenience when I can’t schedule anything in advance with anyone else!

Jess’ stats and pictures are available on localescorts.ca and the Great Pharaoh website. Contact information and rates are also on their website (their rates look a little higher than BBC, especially since you can always find a discount coupon in the paper for BBC).

Great Pharaoh's website is: http://www.greatpharaoh.com/home.htm

Phone: (604) 436-3131

Jess is also advertised on localescorts at: http://www.localescorts.ca/cgi-bin/ad?id=1491

Her ads say she is 34 yrs old, 125 lbs and 34c-24-34. Nice to see a lady in her 30's not claim to be 25! Although her pictures flatter her a bit, they do look like her and she is quite an attractive lady if you like your SP a little more mature. She also seemed to be very fit and firm, which I like in women.

Jess took me to a decent-sized room with a massage table and went off to start the shower for me. She came back and led me to the shower after checking to make sure no one else was in the open. Nice clean shower with lots of warm water, clean towels and soap – very nice.

When I finished, she led me back to the room. I was feeling a little frisky by then and since we only had 45 minutes decided to get right to it after just a few minutes of massage. Jess was very willing and, with a smile on her face, put the raincoat on and started enthusiastically. This lady really likes her work. And I don’t know why everyone complains about massage tables. If you’re tall, they’re just the right height for a few positions.

There was no knock on the door and we used every minute of the available time. Afterwards, she cleaned me up nicely and went off to start the shower again.

Overall, a very nice session with an enthusiastic and willing lady. I probably won’t repeat because I usually stick to independents and if I go to an MP I like variety. Yes, she's a little older than the girls claiming to be in their early 20s (yeah right!) that you typically find at other MPs but that’s okay for us older guys. Anyways, I prefer slightly older ladies as there’s usually a lot less awkwardness as I find they are usually easier to talk to and also more experienced in what it takes to make you “comfortable”.

One of my better experiences in an MP. I doubt that I would repeat, but only because I prefer independents and if I go to an MP there are so many others to try - variety after all is one of the benefits of this industry.