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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    Just curious about Loraine Laney... massage, writer....

    More than massage? Her looks?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    I've been curious about her too, largely because she doesn't seem to fit the standard mold.
    I hope someone can give a report.

    Now how long will it take for someone to point out that this should be in 411?

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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    I saw her about 6 months ago. I think it was $.5 for 90 minutes. She was located in an older but clean Kits apartment. She is about 25 and decent looking, but not gorgeous, her bod is not greatr esp for her age. She is friendly and nice ...but... the massage was weak. She did the whole body masage but it was too gentle and not nearly enough teasing. The reason I will never go back is she put a latex glove on for the finish... I'm into the massage and HJ scene cuz its safe, but sorry I don't want the glove !!! And I don't get the "Love Goddess and Writer" label- she says she doesn't really wrote anything for a long time.... Have not and will not repeat. Anyway guys, If the glove fit, I gotta quit!

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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    I saw her about three weeks ago.

    Very nice girl, decent body and look, better in person but still same person in pics and in reality.

    She gave a nice (non sensual) massage in lingerie and was very friendly and intelligent.

    She did a nude release for me- BUT..

    the massage was done completely with plastic gloves - Yup and not the skin tight gloves but baggy plastic gloves.

    As for the hj - same - and any touching her was - YUP covered in baggy gloves.

    Repeat - nah. something about a non touching massage in the first place less a HJ with an oversized condom - not for me.

    Price was $100 or $150 an hour. Her web site mentions the exact price. And, absolutely no extras beyond a nakid hand release.


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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    I forgot to mention that she offered me a latex glove so I could play with her while she massaged my pole with her gloved hand .... even though she was very nice, the HJ was too clinical and i felt that I was invading her private space with my gloved hand so IMO it was a wot. Like I said, I would not repeat.

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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    Gloves for the massage, the HJ, and for you touching her?
    That's insane!
    I wonder if she gets any repeat business at all.

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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    Not from me

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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    Saw her about a year ago, same thing with the gloves. I tried digits with the gloves, then she complained about my fingering tecnique, I couldn't feel a thing through those damn gloves. LAME

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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    I think the ad was a mis print. It was supposed to read 'Loraine Laney-Glove Goddess and ex writer'.

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    Default Anyone try Loraine Laney

    Went once and confirm all the glove stuff - she said it was because she has herpes and can't always tell when it is active......yeah, you wanna see shrinkage?

    Anyway, never again.


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