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    Default Massage parlor open late ?

    Hi Guys,

    It is my first post on this board, but I have been reading for hours and hours in the last year... There is so much info that once you start, you just can't stop !

    I have never seen any info on a place that would be open late at night...
    I don't know if I am really different than you guys but during the day, I think about eating and at night I think about sex !

    Can you recommend a decent place around downtown open late or even 24H ?

    Thanks for sharing !

    P.S. Might sound stupid but do some of you think that the thumbs up/down icon are inversed ?

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    Default Massage parlor open late ?

    There was a post on this somewhere...


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    Default Massage parlor open late ?

    Thanks Reppy !

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    Default Massage parlor open late ?

    Hi guys the only place i know that is open late is Adagio on ste Catherine st they are actually open 24 hrs on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays. I used to go on Fridays around 2am , but prefer to go on Thursdays. 526-2345

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    Default Massage parlor open late ?

    know this is an old thread but to enlighten some,5100 de la savane is open late.place on monk claim 24 houres.also 2476 belanger,721-7038.never saw reviews on this place.maybe starting a new thread would be better.been there twice in the last while late at night 3,4 in the morning.no parking problems.60 to get in.showers.just 2 on hand,slim pickins.signs posted all over the place,no sex.had the same asian girl both times.first time weak massage,took all off for 80,ended up massaging her at her requst which led to daty at her suggestion.when she was done,did a thai manouver pretty good with a lot of licking and suckin my nips and dfk.and to my suprise she took a ride.second time.still 60 to get in,better deal on the rest.no massage,69 instead with all the trimmings,dfk,biting etc.digits in everyone and some grecian delights.always there much longer than an hour.not busy i guess.not the cutest but a fun time none the less.like to see other reviews to see if this is standard or i luck out.fyi.

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    Default Massage parlor open late ?

    Went to 7167 St Hubert (I think that's the address) it's just on the corner of Jean-Talon and St Hubert intersection.

    30-45 $ depending on the time you take. Options are 40-100. Got a blonde .. decent body, so so face. Very mechanical hj and interaction in general not much to brag about.

    However I hear there are other girls too .. better ones. That is according to a Latino friend of mine who visits often. So if you're ever around those parts .. I think it's open until 4 am of Thurs-Sat.

    Oh and Abaca is another that is open. It is on Parc Avenue close to Bernard and St. Viateur. Do a search on "Abaca" should get you the number, location etc. I thought Abaca was better than the other place I mentioned .. more expensive but better service from the 2 girls I had at different times.

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    Default Massage parlor open late ?

    Kama updated their schedule,
    thursday to saturday are open until midnight




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