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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    Looks like a typical AMP from the outside, located beside a Snooker place on No. 3 Road. Inside, its more like a health club. plus tip paid in advance. Receptionist gives locker key and proceed into change area where male attendant hands you a towel waits while you undress. Starting to wonder what I'm getting myself into. Attendant gives tour of premises. His English is very limited so its mostly pointing and gesturing. Two whirlpools, sauna room, showers etc. Hands me robe and sandles to put on after shower and points towards TV Lounge. About a dozen big comfortable leather chairs facing a large screen TV showing movie. Looks like Chinese version of King Lear, can't understand a word of it. Several elderly Chinese guys resting in chair drinking tea, so I sit and join them. Female attendant brings me a tea and asks if I want hard or soft massage. Ask for hard massage and she leads me to room. Very attractive girl comes in. Doesn't speak any English. Gives the best deep massage I have ever had, uses fingers, toes, elbows, heel of her foot, and inner thighs. Absolutely fantastic massage but no extras were offered.

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    Intersting... How long is the session? Can you choose the girls? Naked during the massage?

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    Blue Sea Spa
    I 'd been here few times, the place supposed to be strict massage and no special is allowed. However, I can't say the names of the gilrs who will perform HJ if they know you enough.

    I only received HJ once with digi and feel of the chest but no nude. Ususally I don't want it. I like good hard massage only with no extra. Of course you have to tip the girls extra $ 80 for two sessions with HJ. The massage price is $400 for 10 sessions plus bonus 2 sessions. So the price is cheaper than the Palmspring at the Radission hotel which is $550 for 10 session. ( each session is 45 minutes). For the cleaningness, the Palm is better but more pricey. The quality of girls about the same as most of them came from PalmSpring anyway. don't expect nude or FS from these places. Enjoy!

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    ive been here once before,

    i feel as if this place is kinda dirty...and there was a smell in the locker room, the radisson is much much cleaner...

    i did not get the feeling that the lineup was any good, and the massage attendants dress in baggy clothing...

    i did not get extras here...

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    2nd visit was more satisfying than 1st. Both girls were more attractive than average MSP's and neither dressed in baggy clothing. 2nd girl was tall Chinese with nice rack, late 20's or early 30's.

    A brown and a blue for one hour. Very good massage. No extras offered but when I directed her hand to my nut sack she gave a nice, slow HJ. Don't know how far she would go but didn't object to having a hand down her pants and getting her breasts sucked.

    Very little English spoken, but knew how to say "big cock" which was all I needed to hear.

    Different from the usual MP but worth a try if you want a good massage and don't need FS.

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    Did you regotiate any price for thr HJ or you just tip her at your discretion.

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    Greentree Spa
    I was there late last night and a lady named SASA massaged me. The massage was very weak and she used a lot oil. Price was $60 for 60 minutes plus customary $ 20 tips. Not very great but the place was clean. No special was offered.
    Its all in the game Neil Strauss talked about in his book..

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    double00, there was no negotiation, I just directed her hand and she did the deed. I tipped her $20 when I was leaving but she wasn't expecting it and seemed quite suprised.

    I'm curious to know what else is available to a repeat customer and will definitely be going back. Both times I have been they offered hard or soft massage. Their hard massage is really good, much of it is done standing over you holding onto a support and using their feet. The first time I was there she straddled my leg from behind and gave an incredibly hard massage using her thighs.

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    i dont get the extra $80 thing what do u mean?

    so $80 = 2 sessions with a HJ ? so its $40 a session?

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    Default Blue Sea Spa in Richmond

    The customary tips for two sessions are 2x20= $40 and the girl usually request you pay $80 tips. In other word $40 extra for the HJ. So sometimes it is worth the extra if the massage is good and the girl is nice. Like I said before not every girl will do the trick for you but mileage will improve your chance. Depending on my mood, I don't want HJ all the time. But it is very hard to find a very skilled pretty girl. One time I have found such a girl in Palm spring but she refused to do the trick after few attempts. I just simply give up the idea on special and don't bother to ask anymore. She had gone to other business and I do missed her.



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