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Thread: Salon Fantasies

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    I was up for a discovery trip on the south shore and gave Salons Fantasies on boulv. Tascherau a try after seen the website at:
    Christine looked good and when I called ahead she was available.

    On arrival one of the staff ( I think it was Shana)gave me a nice tour of the place. It has 2 Jacuzzis an one room called the rave room (because it has black light tube on the ceiling) The rate quoted was 40/half 60/ full hour. 10 extra for the Jacuzzi rooms. I took half an hour and waited for a couple of minutes till Christine came in. She looked not quite like I expected. Her D's where in reality B's with a push-up bra and her face is kind of wired when she started to open her mouth. Her body looked nice and I was about to get relaxed when she started to lay out immediately the options available: 60 for a topless HJ and 80 for her to get on the table (thai). I explained that I found the options pricey (I was only looking for a hj, maybe topples (40$max) but she maintained that these where the two only option available. I sent her away and got dressed. On my way out, I got the 40$ back for the room and I spoke with Veronique (recognized her by the tatoo on her breast) and she also said that where the only 2 options available and that the girl was disapointed and that they dont do blowjos for 20 bucks (never ask for it!!) and blablabla we are an upscale place. In my opinion 40+60 or 40+80 for 1/2h makes for an expensive MP experience. This is not a place that I would recommend.

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    Hey Guys -

    Do you know what the deal is with the jacuzzi? I mean, if you spring the $10 for the tub room, what does it take for her to get in the tub with you?

    Just wondering...thanks.


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    It took years before I felt comfortable of walking away from a provider I did not like. Boards like these and before Canbest do a great job of making us johns more secure about choices we make (and provide us with some reasoning against our horny dicks!). I don’t know any of you guys personally, but I am quite certain that most don't share their hobby with their buddies or families. For years I discovered escorts, MP's on my own. eforum.xxx is great in the sense that It's some sort of "protegez-vous" service (a french language consumer protection magazine).
    We all here get more confident and knowledgeable about this strange hobby of ours.


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    Shark - thanks ... I guess I just just go plant that money tree then!

    How do these guys stay in business? (you don't have to answer that)





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