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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    Montreal's latest hidden treasure is here on MM!

    Le Penthouse is easily found and accessible by way of Decarie just north of Jean Talon. They're located on the East side of Decarie. Discreetly tucked away on the 3rd floor, this unassuming office building is perfect for a quality massage parlor.

    The reception area is vast and comfortable, the hall to the rooms is wide and spotless and there's a bathroom at the end for all. In general every minute detail has been thought of to give you that club lounge feeling with back lit white sheer curtains, colorful soft lighting and high ceilings. The only thing missing is a dance floor and loud house music! The beautiful thing is that it makes you feel sexy and in the mood for something more than your average massage.

    Le Penthouse is modern and comfortable well thought and beautiful in every respect. Every room is lavishly decorated and well thought out with quality glass and ceramic showers built for two. Every fixture, piece of furniture and table is of the highest quality. Every room is equipped with a huge plasma TV with a choice of erotic movies to choose from.

    There are five rooms. Two small rooms, two medium rooms and one large VIP room for couples, parties and get togethers. The two so-called smaller rooms are large by any standard and perfect for more intimate encounters, each with a quality massage table. The two medium rooms are perfect for four hand massages and even great for couple and each have a quality massage table. If required a second table can be brought in for simultaneous massages. The VIP room can accommodate eight to ten friends. Is equipped with a Spa and Massage table, plenty of seating and room for stags, birthday parties and so forth and even has its own non alcoholic mini bar!

    Please welcome them on board guys and gals!

    Just a shout out to May, it was great meeting you too!

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    I know angelika who is aniah from maison massage.
    I have been a regular with her for months, and, boy, I ache just thinking about her.
    She is a hot itaian dedicated to please you.
    I can't wait to try her in new surroundings!

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    Hi all,

    I heard a lot of mixed good and bad things here. Can somebody post a genuine review for this place. It's a convenient place for me, close to where I go regularly for lunch.

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    Went in there, tried it, okay session with Marily. Little bit weak massage, but cute Quebecoise with enhanced and firm breasts. The place looks new with nice wall colors, very trendy decor, new and modern type. Your direction reference should be the big orange julep at walking distance to it. Pricing is normal at par with other place. For $ 100, I played a bit with her. I would try again next time.

    Actually, I was driving towards Mabella, but the heavy traffic prevented me to take appointment with Britanny. It's easier for me to get to Penthouse. I like the place in general and I will try other girls there.

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    J'ai visité 2 fois cet endroit. Très beau, très propre, très discret.

    NATHALIA: Super belle jeune blonde, beau corp mince, beau visage. Un service excellent de début à la fin. Très ouverte. Je vous la recommande.

    JULIA: Tres belle suédoise. Très beau corp et visage engelique. Cependant, prix demandé exorbitant prétextant que c'est un bel endroit! Pis elle sentait un peu du derrière de près, cela m'a coupé l'envie... Fortement déconseillée!!

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    I don't know what happened from Marily to Nathalia ..... . Nathalia, yes very hot girls, but I was quoted $200 worth of options. Turned off, asked only naked HJ for 120$. Too steep. They lost my visits. Good luck folks and enjoy loaded guys .... .

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    Quote Originally Posted by Goodman
    I don't know what happened from Marily to Nathalia ..... . Nathalia, yes very hot girls, but I was quoted $200 worth of options. Turned off, asked only naked HJ for 120$. Too steep. They lost my visits. Good luck folks and enjoy loaded guys .... .
    Just refuse to pay that rate! It's a tip, its not a given and if they don't like it, then too bad as there are like a 100 MP's all over town and charge accordingly! Places like this will soon go under unless they adapt to the market. Demand vs availability and we know there is plenty of availability Just like at Sublime when the MT asked for an extra $20 for DATY! WTF [shock] f**k I should have charged her $50 for DATY! Lol

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332


    I visited this place twice, and both girls I chose don't work there anymore it seems... Last time wasn't so long ago either. So I won't bother with the girls' review, but I will comment on the salon itself.

    Overall service from receptionist is pretty friendly and quite commendable. The place itself is situated off-the-beaten path so that it's rather private to access. There was a lot of effort in decorating and furnishing the place and I find that it was well done. Brownie points for making it feel really classy.
    There are a number of different class of rooms, among which I tried 2: Regular and Classic. The difference is really in the size... and weirdly enough, none of them are quite right I thought. Regular is just too small - it's actually not that small compared to other places, but it just feels a bit cramped because the angle of the table... and the Classic is just too big, so that the room feels empty and cold - even with the fireplace.

    Anyway, if I'd go a third time (pretty unlikely), I'd go all out: the penthouse should be even bigger, so I'd just fill it with a lot of bodies... That's what I'd go for, but barring winning the lottery, I'd choose the smaller room.

    The problem with this place is the price. Ridiculous overcharging: I was asked $120 for thai - and not by a supermodel-like masseuse either. If I wanted to be ripped off, there are always strip-clubs downtown, where I know what to expect. I will not be going back, even if it seems like they got rid of the bad apples.

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    I think, just like that salon with numbers as its name with an amazingly long thread on the green forum, some of these places make the rates and menu very unpredictable. It's not necessarily a good or bad thing, as long as you don't go crazy. Granted I would prefer a stricter structure and rates like with Kama when I don't want any surprises.

    In any case, after that long-winded rant, it might just be the décor but this feels like Kama Crescent. It's like the same people decorated it, it has that upscale feel for whatever that might be worth to you. And I much prefer this location than downtown Crescent, nice and discreet. I've avoided the new Kama downtown ever since it opened to my great chagrin since one of my favourite girls has migrated there from Kama Maisonneuve. I've actually wondered about asking the owners if they would get her to go back there to work only for one day.

    Anyway, just one more comparison to Kama and I'll be done. Le Penthouse's selection of ladies looked very top notch, again just like Kama. Enough to make me wonder if they were genuine photos but got enough confirmation after reading some other reviews.

    After much consideration by looking at the profiles on their website, I decided I'd like to spend my session with Electra. She was just about my perfect type according to her photos. Pre-booked by email, reply wasn't immediate but salons never are in my experience.

    Day of, I get there right about on time and parking was available on the streets, didn't try my chance in the parking lots. Neighbourhood is fine, apartments-a-plenty, errs towards sketchy if you're not used to the area.

    Not to reiterate but the place looks great. Receptionist greeted me and I confirmed my appointment with Electra with her, no issues. Left her with the room fee for an hour which is ever so slightly less than comparable places. I was lead to a nice little room with a massage table and very clean shower. There's also a television but really? A single towel was brought to me by the receptionist a moment later.

    I take my almost obligatory shower for a quick rinse which I always try to finish in less than 5 minutes, more like 2 minutes realistically. And sit on the table to wait for Electra. A good 5 minutes later and I'm delighted by the soft knock on the door we all wait for and she comes in. It's always a surprise when the girls don't show their full photos on their profiles but I was happy with Electra so far physically. All of the info on the website looked accurate to me but I was never a good judge of age. She wore one of those tight, little black bras that gave her amazing cleavage and I was instantly hypnotized by the size and shape of her breasts, which were one of the main reasons I picked her. For the bottom, she had a small black thong which sat low on her hips with a midsection that could be more toned but I've been known to be very demanding on women's midsections and abs, not that I want them to be overly muscular... Her face was cute with a little welcoming smile and soft voice, I also can never tell if smiles are put-on or not but she seemed happy. Anyway, she is not the hottest I've ever had the pleasure of spending time with but definitely good looking and her featured assets more than make up for anything else, at least for me.

    Electra asked me if it was the first time I visited here and I told her yes while subtly telling her I do know the routine and would like to discuss her services during the session after warming up a little bit. She then asks me to get comfortable on the table and starts to give me an okay, mostly back-to-neck-to-arms and little bit of thighs massage. It wasn't head-to-toe like some better girls provide and there wasn't much teasing involved, which I think plays a large part for our type of massages. There is a large mirror on the side of the room where you can watch a beautiful girl rub her hands on your body, it works well granted Electra kept her bra and thong on but it's still a very nice view to look at. She does well so far for a soothing massage but with some of my better experiences, I just about can't take it anymore after a little while after being turned on too much by the teasing but with Electra, I'm only getting excited by looking at her but the hands on my back and neck help a little bit. At about the halfway point, she nudges me to flip over and I'm excited at the thought of being able to look at her straight on finally and also for more... The options offered were standard but what I really wanted was to play with her beautiful 34DDs. I get shy when it comes to talking about this with girls but asked her that I wanted complete access to her breasts and slowly traced my finger between her bra and cleavage and she didn't mind that at all. I'm not sure if she completely understood my motive but she said it would be an extra and finally took off her bra so I'm assuming she did get it. Electra has an amazingly perfect pair of tits, natural double Ds. She used them profusely for the Thai and I thought she really enjoyed using them to massage me by looking at her in the mirror. Again, I was a little bit more turned on by her physically and what she was doing with her breasts than the actual massage but I'm okay with that. On the second flip, she welcomed my hands all over her body, specially on her tits. She let me play with them as much as I wanted until I asked her towrap her double Ds around me. She rolled back and forth on top of me with my erection between her oily, hot cleavage that she created with her hands pressing her large boobs together. She kept a fast pace grinding her chest on me and slowing down when I asked, all while looking at me or at what was going on below her neck. I held on for as long as I could, slowing and stopping and Electra was very accommodating for that. I subtly looked at the time and for the last few minutes, I asked Electra if we could trade places with me on top of her and she was happy to comply. I got her on her elbows with her back arched up and her perfect set of tits presented to me and she looked at me as to say go for it. I again placed myself between her firm, natural breasts only this time, I was the one holding them in my hands. She let me fondle her double Ds, hold them, play with them while I was thrusting up and down her deep cleavage so much my legs were getting weak. It was pure pleasure for a few minutes until I gave her a creamy climax all over her chest, neck and tits while she moaned softly and whispered "Oui, chéri..." She stayed in the same position and let me slow down my excitement while I caressed her body and we both admired her new pearl necklace, maybe me more than she did. I let her quickly jump in the shower first to clean up soon after but did not join her in there as the shower would be tight for two people and I didn't want to get my hair wet. After I was done showering and drying up, I rewarded Electra for her willingness to please to completion, told her I might come back and see her one day and a small kiss goodbye.

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    Default Le Penthouse 5255 Ferrier#302, 514 564 3332

    Wow, great review D_Man, your recount put this place on the top of my list to try.


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