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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Formerly an Asian place called Spa Massage Geisha, the new owner figured out that another asian place in this sector made as much sense than building another Jean Coutu on Mont-Royal avenue, and made the place more of a Benneton kind of place. Nice place shower in room, looks clean , no table on the room I visited.

    Arrived there when an hostess brought me to the room, gave me the info how it works, no hidden fees for massage [tup] and offered me to show the talent on hand, two were already working so two girls remained a petite woman fron les Antilles who was quite flirtish and a Dominican a bit chubby .

    Picked the Antillaise her name was Lissa, about 5'2 around 110 pounds with a very dark skin but also very very very very very very very good looking, not much of a massage technique , although a bit of kissing while being massaged made it more pleasant, when things got sensual a bit more and she revealed more of her, she then showed her greatest assets as she had a splendid thin body with georgous looking thick breasts that died to melt in your mouth and I finally recognized her, it was the same Lissa who used to work on Elegance Massage [sexy]

    It led up to a very pleasant session sensuality wise, only negative she does not have a great touch for the HJ, she squeezed Jack a bit too hard and not on the good spot. But overall a fine discovery.

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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Had a peite women called Alissa-Stephanie Quebecoise, early twenties cute face, flat chested dark hair, massage skills absent , sensuality wise she lacks passion, repeat nope.

    Is there anybody in that place that can actually deliver a decent massage ?

    Newsflash found a website


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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    I see that Roxy has started working at a new spa on st laurent near Duluth were the old spa oxygene was located. I will post the contact info later. They have a promo first visit 50 for the hour 40 30 mins second visit free.

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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Thanks for the tip, does any of the girls mentionned on the site are working there ?

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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Jasmime is the owner and she is grwat and open [woman] [censored]

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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Send them an email a week ago, they never answered back, also I have noticed pictures of the girls are now gone ...

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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Problem, it's not an asian place, anyway it's just bad business practice.

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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Lissa is no longer working with them [mad]

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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Don't know if the dude is there as a regular but it's a man who does the reception and takes call, not thrilled about that , although he brought a bit of involontary humor as I arrived a bit early, he told me I would be able to stay in the room for 75 minutes and only pay for 60 minutes, What a great deal !!!

    Met Melissa, Brazilian girl probably in her late twenties, think of your good looking stereotypical brazilan girl and it is what she looks like. Tall (about 5'6) , dark long hair, dark eyes, curvy body not thin but in very good shape and of course big fake boobs.

    She started the session in a weird way asking me if I wanted to start by the massage ???? Maybe she can prepare a meal instead, not too sure what it was all about. Massage technique was rather unusual, either she learned a different way of doing things as she would constantly stretch my body from the side instead of working my body vertically or she has no idea what she's doing. Litlle me thinks of the latter, but for what it is worth, after a while I felt relaxed and sleepy.

    On the erotic side of things she shined a bit more and was a bit more enthusiastic about her job. Milleage fans will be dissapointed though as she is a bit restrictive about where we put our hands, weirdly she barely let my hands near her breasts, maybe they were done recently and they are still sensible.

    Overall, it was a decent session nonetheless , she seems a smart girl that values discretion, however having little massage technique and doubts about things heating up on a next visit, I'll doubt i repeat and to be quite frank considering the level of massage in my sampling there , it is just not my thing.

    15 PTS

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    Default Jasmine 7327 De Lorimier 514 376-2009

    Didn't feel like going far so I called this place. Receptionist tells me there is 3 girls - 1 thai, 1 Quebecois & 1 Arab.
    Cost 30 for 30 minutes. Good enough I arrive and you need to buzz in place is dim but looks clean. Receptionist greets me and it turns out there is only 2 girls her the Thai and the Quebecois. No brainer the Thai who is around 5'6 slim and tight body and maybe 120lbs.
    The thing I didn't like is I heard a guy's voice in the back. Brought to the front room and took a shower where the room is clean with clean towels and there's a mattress.

    As I wait for the Thai girl which her name is Jasmine.

    Massage was all over the place but she was gentle and teasing. After 10 minutes she asks to turn and she does more teasing and 5 minutes later she asks if I want anything and I asked her what she offers and she said what do you want.
    I said [censored] and she said I give you Thai Massage and I do it for $80.00. I said hmmm and she said too much? I said yeah and she said how much you want to pay and I said $60.00 and she said ok. I asked her do you take all your clothes off and she said yes with a smile.

    Nice body - Tight and Slim. It wasn't much of a Thai but I asked can I touch and she said yes. No restrictions.
    She takes out a condom and I said $60.00 and she said yes and also that she always asks $80.00 so next time it's $80.00 and I smiled and said ok.
    Really unexpected and this was the best part of the session.

    Afterwards she cleaned me up, she took a shower and I took a shower and she did the mattress.

    For the buck this place is it.





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