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    Default Royal Massage 5702 Sherbrooke W 514 489 6655

    During Christmas Holidays, I decided to try a place a saw often but I never bothered to stop by. Royal massage on Sherbrooke near Royal (obviously). The door was locked and a chinese guy came to open after I rang the bell. Since it was my firts time there, I chose a 30 minutes massage. He took me to the room and i jumped in the shower. The guy did not give me the choice of the girl. The place is very clean, the room was warm, the shower was good (it was cold that night) and I had a clean towel. Before I finished my shower, the girl came in. A chinise girl called Bobo. I like when they don't let you wait after your shower, I never know exactly what to do. So she took care of me making sure every part of my body was dry. I think Bobo is knew in canada because she has a very limited english and no french at all. I got on the mattress and she started the massage. Massage skills are 0 on 10. After a couple of minutes, using the sign language, I understood it was flip time. I forgot to mention that Bobo is a beautiful girl, she had a sexy miniskirt with a sueforum.xxx downblouse and she has a beautiful face. I am not an expert but I think she has B cup. Still using the sign language we started to discuss the options which are between .00 and 0.00 for [censored]. Having such a beautiful girl beside me I went for a .00 option. It was money well invested. She then took care of the most important part of my body which was responding to her very well and there was no problem for me to explore her great body. We had some fun like that for the rest of the 30 minutes, there was no rush and the ending was very very happy. That is a repeat for sure. There was another girl as I was there. I saw her in the hallway, another beautiful girl, but I do not know her and if she can make a customer happy.

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    Default Royal Massage - 5702 Sherbrooke west

    i went there around April and had Yuki. advertised as a 20 something Japanese but she's more like a 30 something girl. man made boobs with eraser type nipples, felt really off as you squeeze them.. i took an hour and off we go. the massage wasn't bad at all, she really tried to give something therapeutic and tried to put enough pressure. on the flip, she HJ and then [censored] for a while before jumping on. let's just say that it didn't work at all. i don't know what's with MP but when the dick isn't hard enough, there's really no point in (for me at least). anyway, she jumped on and start grinding and faking those moans. i was completely weird out and lost my semi erection. while i was laying there, she kept on faking those moans for a good 10 minutes before i said enough is enough. got her off and asked her to [censored] and HJ for the remaining minutes. eventually, i came, took a shower and got out of there as fast as i could. gave her a 100$

    some will hit it off with her great but as for me, it just didn't work at all but then i'm a mid 20 something so my standards might be too high when it comes to asians (i'm asian btw [rrr] )

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    Default Royal Massage - 5702 Sherbrooke west

    The Monk,
    Welcome to Montreal Massage. Nice first review, although it may be a touch overly detailed. You might want to make some of the details less obvious. Even the use of little [censored] doesn't hide much.
    Remember, this board is open for public viewing and that includes spa and salon owners, and the girls themselves as well as LE. Too many inquiring minds for some info.
    The members here are very good at reading between the lines so you can hint and suggest with the euphamisms of your choice and we'll get the message.

    Again, welcome aboard,
    HG Hunter

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    Default Royal Massage - 5702 Sherbrooke west

    my bad. i'm so used to put as much details as possible. damn student mentality [lol] [mad]

    thanks for the welcome. i'll try to be a lot more discreet next time

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    Default Royal Massage - 5702 Sherbrooke west

    I did try in the past ,but was disappointed by lack of services massages, so is or seems to be the same no massage services just services lol??
    Any new comments or suggestions here? Will try and reportéé

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    Default Royal Massage - 5702 Sherbrooke west

    so their lineup slightly changed since the last time i went there. now, they have Charlie (the red head. worked at 2214 i think), Isabel/Misha (i believe it's Carmen formely from Isis) and an arabic girl Nadia/Nelly

    time to go back and sample them [sexy]

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    Default JESSICA

    After being refered by JIZEN OLIVER and his experience with JESSICA I had to try her out for myself.So I called up and was greeted on the phone by JENNY the manager/receptionist/mamasan of this place who spoke english and french surprisingly.JESSICA was working so I booked her and arrived.Upon arriving at the place I realised it wasn't discreet.There is a supermarket and restaurant on each side of the massage parlour.Everyone can see you from either side of the street.Upon arriving was greeted by JENNY who led me to my room.I took my shower and waited for JESSICA.She is a tall and skinny woman in her early or late 30's I'd say.Small breasts and very thin looking .Greeted me with a smile and kiss on our first meeting so this was a good sign from the beginning.Unfortunately her english is practically null and french is non-existant but we were able to communicate nonetheless.She started off with a massage that consisted of her using half the bottle on my body which was quite slippery and messy.She gave me a soso massage but upon the flip thats when things got better.She mentioned her prices that really turns me off but I left the tip at my discretion which she argued about I told her thats all I had and she complied.So communication wasn't that great.Her looks weren't that great either but her service was pretty good.Will I repeat?Maybe.Very few asians out there like her.They have other girls that need to be explore.Really hate the entrance and location though lol.

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    Default Royal Massage 5702 Sherbrooke W 514 489 6655

    Recently went past this place and as hitman said its not very discreet. Taxi drivers hanging around outside and not withstanding the noisy wind chime attached to the outside door that alerted everyone in a ten block radius I was entering the place. The place is shabby looking to say the least. Cameras and wiring fully visible as I stood in the waiting area. I wish to hell I could remember the girl's name. She's Chinese with blonde hair and a deep kind of voice. Slim and not too bad looking but I've seen a lot better. At first I didn't know this was an asian place. When she entered the room she gave me a very friendly hello as if I had been there a thousand times. I guess we all look the same lying on our stomachs with our asses facing the door.
    The massage was done quickly and without much thought in it. Maybe its the same girl that hitman saw. she used a ton of oil on me. When she told me to flip she got undressed and climbed all over me, grinding herself on me like I was catnip or something. Anyways it was weird to say the least. She also gave me the menu and then proceeded with what I was willing to pay for. But the whole time she kept trying to up sell me. I didn't give in and paid for what I got. Won't repeat.



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