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    Default JOUVANCE SANTE 6700 Sherbrooke W 514 483 5586

    Has anybody ever tried that place? It seems that it has been there for a long time. I would like to have an opinion before I try. I do not know the name, Isaw only the address.


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    Default 6700 Sherbrooke west

    Well this place was known as Jouvence Sante 6700 Sherbrooke St W 514 483-5586. Its had its fair share of bad reviews in the past. Many negative rumors floated around this place. But that was at least a yearago. Perhaps you can confirm whether or not it still goes by its original name?

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    Default 6700 Sherbrooke west

    I visit this place once in while (like three times since the beginning of this year), 'cause it's convenient for me. I usually go late at night (btw 10 and midnight). I don't make reservation, so I do not know who I'm gonna be with. The last three times in two months, I had three different girls. They were all Chinese, they were all OK. But very ordinary girls. I remember only one girl, Cindy ou Cinthia, very short, kind of cute. She was more "convincing" than the average... I would have repeat last thursday but she wasn't working. It isn't a luxurious parlor. Quite the contrary. But the mattress on the floor and the shower are clean according normal standard. The options are very liberal and they charge standard prices. When I got out of the place, last thursday, I saw a very nice looking chinese girl, sexy dress, a great body, if you like thin and tite bodies. But it was to late...

    I know this review won't be memorable, but I hope it can at least be useful to you Frank and to other members as well. If your expectations are high for the setup or the environment, the sexiness of the girls, and the passion they put in it... Well there is probably better places. But I keep going back !


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    Its hard to find a good value these days but julia the chinese malaysian is just that
    Julia greets you with a smile,petite in stature listed as 23 yrs old , but is older- mid 30s to be exact.
    real nice person,great massage skills,
    very gfe in sevice and respects the full hour,i cant say enought good about thsi woman,she brightens my day
    i should see her more often but i dont,today was jsut what i needed.She is very attentive to your needs and skilled in all areas
    $50-1 hr massaage and a complete gfe experinace set me back $80 tip with a smile and a kiss,so she is not greedy either.
    JUst her massage is worth the money,the xtras are a bonus.



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