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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    i have seen sw always in and around teplice(dubi). on the e55 mainly past the first set of clubs and near the ARAL station and at the second set of gas stations. then exit in to teplice city. on the mail road in the lidl parking lot. near the train station. Most not worth anything gypsy. a few clearly on drugs. I have heard of a few diamods in the ruff.

    You find them also on the way to Deicin from teplice and on the way to cheb from teplice. But they are spread out and often stay at petro stations. or bus stops and if they go to a room they will be gone for atleast a hour, because of travel time, even of they only book a half hour. So it can be hard to find one. Even if you see her if you dont get here right away and a other guy takes her you may not find her.

    try the german street walker forum for the e55. people post a lot there. over both routes. Some of the stories are to good to be true i think . and some are down right scary.

    I think that the clubs in teplice are always hit and miss and change regularly. the best clubs of the old days have all shut down.

    siesta is still full of ukrainans. i had good service but the girls will try to waste your money. like if you pay for a hour they will kiss you and with passion or fake passion but tha tis just to waste time so you will have only one shot. Or they try the massage trick. good girls but if you show up as a week man they will suck you dry (of your money that is) OW is not standard. kissing seems to be fairly regular as long as you are not 600 lbs or 105 years old. Most girls seem to speak german a bit nad some speak english. the bartender is pretty hot. You can tell she is a bit older. maybe even 30 but i would have chose her if she was avaliable.

    in arsa i have found many slovak girls but i would say there service is lacking.

    in adelas (the bigger stand alone club aross from resturant praha) i have found some things scary but it can be worth it just to ask the questions who would even fuck these girls let alone pay for the pain.

    eden is also hit and miss and the staff are two big dudes and they are about as friendly as a kick in the nuts. Still i have found a ok girl here but the hassle with the mean bar men is just not worth it. I woul dnot go unless there are a lot of girls int he window. then you will maybe get a nice one.

    I will go today to rio relax in a different city north of teplice if i find anything nice i will post it

    In love story there have been a lot of girls latly some very long there the rip off blond is not there anymore. the old gypsy owner is also gone. the girls are a bit more relaxed. never went woth the rip off blond had a old fav there and she told me stories but i never took much from them as the blond spoke english and she did not i always figured she was afraid of loosing her regular to a english speaker.

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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    Les get our facts straight.

    We are talking about Dubi and teplice, not cheb and teplice.

    Cheb is down near Bavaria.

    Anyway I counted a handfull of SWs near Dubi about 3 months ago.

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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    thatzzzz why i tell u it was beetween Templice n Cheb. 4 ugly chics at the afternoon......

    what are u experience , when u been there last time. bonne journee. Vader

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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    Tell the thrue please, Where exactly ?

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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    should i write phantasie stories or the truth????
    ive been there with my bike and saw between 14h and 18h 4 streetwalkers.point.

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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    Can you write a story
    about prostitution in Teplice and Cheb, where we have seen lines of
    streetwalkers stretch for kilometers from the German border please.

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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    going from dubi to teplice. you will see some clubs. I had serivce at siesta. hit and miss i would say. All sympathy dependant. all ukraine girls. some lookers will kiss and try to suck the money out of your wallet so think with your big head. do drink to long and take her for a test drive early prices 40 and 75 or 200-300 for the long night.

    saw some hotties in venizeia love story had 5-8 girls kiss was full adelas was with a few ulgy gils. street seen is hit and miss mostly not so nice although i have hear a few dimond in the ruff tales.

    Cheb is far south of teplice. i dont liek it there.

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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    HI Lord V.
    Are you talking about streetwalkers because they seem almost gone, instead some new clubs has opened up in Dubi.

    Didn't you see all the girls in the windows when you drove thru Dubi.

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    Default E 55 Cheb - Teplice

    Hallo , last week ive made the E 55 between Cheb and Teplice.....I tell u all: 4 ugly gilrs...!!!!????? Can tell my anybody what happened??? ok it was 17.00 h , but not a reason or?????????

    yours Lord Vader



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