I was at the vacation spot run by Miami Companions a few weeks ago, and it was everything the website said. When I arrived at the airport, I waited an hour, because Caeser, the driver, was late - that was my first experience with "Mexican time" - and I was initialy quite upset, because, in our hobby, an hour could mean a lot. But the manager made it up to me - after I got in the car, she called me by cell phone and apologized for the delay and also apologized for not being able to meet me, but she promised to make it up to me - I had to pay for every trip downtown, but she agreed to give me a free ride.

On our way there, I got a good look at the Mexican desert, never having been to that country, and I got a good look at the empty beauty of the land, juxtaposed to the haunting lapping of waves. When we got to the city, Cabo San Lucas, I found that it was an undeveloped place, with unpaved streets, but the architecture was very different, so I enjoyed the sightseeing.

When we arrived at the villa, the girls were sunbathing at the pool, and I found out that their pics weren't accurate - the girls were far better looking in person, in particular, Renata, Lenka O (the blonde), and Andrea (the playboy bunny) - I think the owners should get better pics of these girls, because the website just doesn't do them justice. After meeting them and the others, I picked Helena, who stayed with me throughout my stay. By nice coincidence, there was another guy who picked her best friend, Ingrid, and, by nicer coincidence, he knew my username (CodingWizard) and liked my posts, so we hit it off immediately.

The first night, the girls put on a show, with the other guy's companion, Indgrid, doing a strip - he then put on a strip of his own, and we all applauded. That done, I went to my room with Helena, where I spent some very nice quality time with her.

The following morning, after breakfast, Helena and I went for a walk to the beach, where we got to know each other, in particular, what we did, what we wanted to do with our lives, and our past loves. After that, we went downtown, where I decided to let my escort go shopping, and, since I am doing well, I decided to treat her. She was very happy to be so indulged, and she promised to make it up to me - which she did, to a certain degree. That night, we went to the local disco with the rest of the girls, where I bought them drinks, and, when I saw them dance, "hot Eastern European babes" didn't begin to describe them. Helena danced with another girl, and a guy put his arm around them - they gave him a dirty look and he backed off ... and shook my hands in apology.

The next morning, Helena and I decided to go to the beach with the other customer and Ingrid, and, after lunch, Helena and I went off on our own, where we spent a nice hour on the beach. She wanted to go jetskiing with me, but, since she had a few pina colada's, we decided not to risk it. When we returned, I was rewarded with the sight of the other girls sunbathing topless, and it was a sight. As night fell, a new customer arrived, and, again, I got on well with him - he was classy enough to bring gifts for all the girls, which made everyone at ease with him. He was also sporting enough to do a striptease for everyone, and, though this might seem to be a requirement, it isn't - I didn't want to do it, so no one made me.

The next day, as I was about to leave, Ceaser, the driver, came over with some jewellery from one of his side businesses, and the girls crowded around his trinkets, oohing and aaahing. It was always nice to see them so happy. That done, Helena, Indrid, Ingrid's customer and I headed to lunch, and, from there, the airport, where I promised to see Helena again.

In all my years of hobbying, I have never been so satisfied, and I can still remember the feeling of waking up every morning with a beautiful woman at my side. I have decided that I will not go for PSE's or regular escorts now, because they just cannot compare to the experience at Xotic - my only problem is that I can only go every few months, and I wonder what I will do in the meantime. Well, I know - I'll just dream of my next trip - that'll keep me going.

The escorts then were almost all Czechs.