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    Default Is it normal to pee a lot after a massage?

    I had this massage yesterday and afterwards I was literally peeing like crazy

    I did have a lot to drink afterwards, but this was pretty bad, like 4-5 times in an hour and then it stopped. Is that normal? I've had all kinds of symptoms after a massage (temporary blurred vision, etc) but never peeing a lot
    I meant that I had blurred vision temporarily after certain massages I've had in the past, which lasted about an hour or so. I know that's normal.

    Believe me this was not in my head. Excessive pissing isn't "in my head," lol... I'm 24 years old, trust me I know myself well enough to know when I'm peeing more than normal
    Yes but peeing immediately after drinking? This was like, me running out of the shower 3 times just to pee

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    If RMT was doing a lot of work in your lower back she could have stimulated the nerves that are responsible for bladder contraction. Most likely answer is the stimulation cause excitability (or even mild-moderate spasm) of the muscles of the bladder for a few hours.

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    it's in your head, you only remember it through conformational bias. No, it really is in your head.

    If you have blurred vision you really need to be seeing your doctor

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    You had a lot to drink afterwards. Easy.

    EDIT: ok, it sounds a bit odd. Perhaps you had a full bladder already, in your relaxed state you didn't feel the urge, but the added water and the shower set off the urge. You don't always completely empty you bladder when you pee.

    I'm only speculating - but read this article, it may contain an answer: http://www.abc.net.au/science/articles/2007/05/24/1931867.htm



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