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    Default Passion Spa(anyone tried it?)

    asian spa located at 768 wilson avenue just west of dufferin street on the north side in a strip plaza.

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    Default Passion Spa(anyone tried it?)

    i decided to try it.

    opened the first door, came to a locked door, knocked on door and heard someone walking down steps. she was chinese, name was Carrie, i think, probably mid-late 20's. Directed me straight into a room, i lay down on my stomach with boxers on, she walks back in and asks "would you like a massage?" say yes 30min massage. Little sensual touch here and there around the body, her massage was decent. She asks me to take my boxers off so she can massage with oil without getting my boxers dirty. More sensual touching, then she asks me to flip, more massage and starts to touch willy, then the extras negotiating start.

    mind you i paid $30 at door(opening special) and she says its $10 HJ, $20 for topless, extra $20 for nude.

    so nothing special, but here's a review if anyone wants to go try it out now. I did see 2 girls putting a sign outside, one looked super young and skinny, the other a little on the heavy side.

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    Default Passion Spa(anyone tried it?)

    I was about to try this spa but did not go in. There is an Italian men's club next door with at least 3 or 4 men sitting outside at any time during the day. It is a bit uncomfortable with them staring at you so I just walked by and went to another spa.

    My recommendation to Passion Spa is to use the back door if one is available for customers.

    This men's club will definately hurt their business.

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    Default Passion Spa(anyone tried it?)


    they say there is a front and back entrance at passion spa



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