Its been awhile...

A couple of massage reviews after a long hiatus.

1. Kawaii Spa

On a whim I decided I should try this place out. The service has always been great but the girls (ladies) at times only so-so.
The girl that answered the door and was the only one available (another gent had gone in before me) called herself Nikki or Vicki. She was a Chinese lady in her early 30s. The massage was okay and the menu standard.
I left happy and would probably return to see some of their other girls.

2. Miki Spa

A long line up and poor restraint brought me here. Another in her 30s Asian lady opened the door, her name is Tina. (she seemed really familiar but I just couldn't figure out where I had met her). She seemed to remember me, but also wasn't quite sure. Anyhow, I opted for a BS here and left quite happy. I'd also probably repeat here.

3. Spring Green (formerly Lotuswood among other names)

I saw a familiar face greet me here named Maggie. Her and I had a previously undocumented thus not reviewed (mostly due to laziness which led to forgetfulness) encounter. She recognized me and asked where I had been. [Out seeing the world]
She's in her late 20s early 30s and during our first encounter we had a great time. During this was "too sensitive", "no can touch anymore, its too good", and my favourites "you cum yet?" , "time almost up".
Those phrases make my massage experience rate off the scale; so much so that dynamo jr has dropped off the map.
No repeat here, sorry Maggie.

Hope those reviews were somewhat helpful.