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    Default Cheap release etobicoke?

    Heading out, any cheap releases down that way? Rathburn area?


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    Default Cheap release etobicoke?

    None that I know of on that street.

    You'll have to travel down to Dundas & Kipling for a couple of cheap MILF EE women locations, or down to the Queensway area for a few low cost locations. However, you will probably get what you pay for. (4th/5th tier women asking for 1st/2nd tier tips!!!)

    Stuff like that drives me to drink.

    Save your money and look elsewhere.

    If you're able, take the ride up to Allure, or SRM, or HFH and enjoy some eye candy while you enjoy yourself.


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    Default Cheap release etobicoke?

    Agreed, Dundas and Kipling, AVOID AVOID. Older EE who want lots of $$.

    There are two Spas at that junction, avoid both. Not only more $, but will try to rush you out.



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