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    Default What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a massage?...?

    Its for a report and im really stuck.. please dont just say "It just feels good"..

    Thankyou for your help

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    it does From my personal experience it invigorates the mind by relieving the stresses on the body, muscle tension and reduces the anxiety i was suffering overall!

    It can be quite sensually pleasurable depending where your having it and in what resting position your in as some males have reported feeling aroused after having a back rub lying naked under a towel

    I know of many workplaces where employees have massages on site and productivity has increased as a result of a reduction in sick days, and positive attitude towards their work.


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    Advantages: Massage alleviates pain and increases range of motion without the potential side effects of medication. It decreases stress. It reduces anxiety and symptoms of depression. It relieves PMS symptoms. It encourages sleep. It enhances attentiveness.

    Disadvantages: Massage isn't cheap and usually isn't covered by insurance. Some people are embarrassed to lie totally covered by a sheet but with nothing on under the sheet.

    Massage isn't appropriate for people with some medical conditions (kidney disease, kidney stones, heart disease, etc).

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    Massage Therapy reduces muscular tension which aids inhealing from trauma and injury, helps in improving and maintaining proper bodyposture. Massage helps in conserving muscle tone and flexibility thuspreventing harmful repetitive strain injuries, MassageTherapy encourages relaxation and body awareness. Massage Therapy increasescirculation to all parts of the body therefore improving the supply ofnutrients to the body tissues and promoting elimination of waste products

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    hiya tiffany



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