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    Default Body Slide Video

    Someone posted a great link to an Asian girl giving a great body slide.
    I think someone referred to her as a Canadian pornstar.
    Anyway, I was at the office and only watched the beginning. Didn't want someone to walk in so I thought I would watch it at home.
    I've tried all kinds of searches but I can't find it. Was the thread deleted?
    Does anybody remember what I'm refering to? It was just this week.

    I'd also like to know her name if you can help.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Body Slide Video

    I think this is it


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    Default Body Slide Video

    Thanks man! That's exactly it. Maria Ozawa. How did you find it so fast. Is the thread gone?

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    Default Body Slide Video

    what is she spreading on her body? lol looks like slime or maybe some other guys juices lol
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    Default Body Slide Video

    What a FIND! One of the best porn scenes I have ever seen. Even with the filter.Is she a porn star?

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    Default Body Slide Video

    not sure if the thread is gone.. just went to youporn and searched for "asian massage"


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    Default Body Slide Video

    WOW! Any recommendations for someone local who provides that type of service?

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    Default Body Slide Video

    where do i get a massage like that

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    Default Body Slide Video


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    Default Body Slide Video

    Yeah she is a porn star in japan...she is really hot and what a bodyslide!


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