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    Default definition - body slide

    what exactly is this thing called a body slide? what are the characteristics when this thing is done superbly?

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    Default definition - body slide

    A definite MUST for any good body slide is lots of oil, otherwise it'll feel like sandpaper rubbing against sandpaper!!

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    Default definition - body slide

    how long does it last? my limited experience has it way too short.

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    Default definition - body slide

    A bodyslide is when both you and your attendant are fully nude and she uses her body to massage yours in an erotic fashion. That typically means that she oils up her body and yours and slides her body up and down yours (back and/or front).

    If she puts your manhood between her breasts and squeezes them tight (a russian) that is often part of the bodyslide. Ladies with small breasts can't offer that (no breast to squeeze together).

    If the attendant tries for genital on genital rubbing (a pussyslide) that could also become a part of a bodyslide. This is not always offered for health and safety reasons. Instead she may use her pelvic bone on your erect penis.

    The only requirement for a bodyslide is oil (to reduce friction) and body on body contact. I've had one attendant stand beside the table perpendicular to me and rub her breasts up and down my body. She called it a bodyslide but I called it crap. I never repeated. In my mind a good bodyslide is having the front of our bodies rub together. If she nuzzles up to my neck and uses her pelvis that's better. Sometimes I've recieved a pussyslide that was awesome but I don't expect that going into the sessions.

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    Default definition - body slide

    Many would agree. Even if it lasts the whole session; it's way too short.

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    Default definition - body slide

    as many have said before... it nevers lasts long enough!

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    Default definition - body slide

    any one remember where that video of a thai body slide is posted? I think there were 2 or 3. its the kinda slide WE wish we had

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    Default definition - body slide

    Google "Thai massage video"

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    Default definition - body slide

    What is it called when she turns her back to you (i.e. she is facing your feet) and slides her butt cheeks over your cock?

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    Default definition - body slide

    'Italian Body Slide', or just 'heavenly'.


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