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    Default Moonlight Spa on Weston Rd.

    I tried seaching the DB on this place but found nothing. They are located just North of the 401 and South of Sheppard. I noticed they have a new sign up and thought I would see if anybody has been there before deciding to take one for the team.

    You input and observations are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Moonlight Spa on Weston Rd.

    Moonlight Spa is SOUTH of the 401 on Weston Road, at least according to Romeo:


    Searches WILL pull up some brief reviews.

    I think the same two black ladies have been working there for years (Shelley and Sasha). The reviews are accurate.

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    Default Moonlight Spa on Weston Rd.

    The place that I am referring to is definately North of the 401 and North of the Albian Rd. overpass just after the 1st set of lights from the overpass. It is on the East side of Weston Road. It has been there for a while and the signs just got upgraded this past week. I never noticed the place until the signs changed. I will get the address and phone number tonight and post it tomorrow.

    Any reviews or comments on this place would be appreciated to help me decide to TOFTT.


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    Default Moonlight Spa on Weston Rd.

    they probably have new "women" with the new owner(i'm assuming).

    I had a session with an older(maybe 47?)..Russian women....she was actually fit for her age..great massage and finished with DFK even(very sensual).

    I would think that since that time all has probably changed with such a location.

    The place was not high end at that time...but not dirty if i remember correctly.

    Good Luck

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    The spa we are discussing is called Weston Spa

    Weston Spa
    2839 Weston
    North York

    It is a Russian spa north of the 401



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