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Thread: Club Dynasty

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    Any pretty girls in Club Dynasty that also does a good massage? I've been there a few times but haven't really bumped into a cutie.


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    What is on the menu, ProjectCafe? Please PM me..

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    Winnie gives a good massage and Jojo is a lot of fun. Both are petite, fairly young and pretty, IMO. Candy and May give good massages but are a little older and not considered eye candy.

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    This is a legit MP in a club setting. All you get is a straight good massage with absolutely NO EXTRAS. On the menu: coffee, tea, pop etc., but no alcohol.

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    All you have to do is ask!

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    A good RMT massage with no extras is fine, once in a long while.

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    ... if you are Asian!

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    Very true, going to these places is like walking to Pacific Mall.

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    I find lots of interesting and unique products at Pacific Mall, some

    electronics actually make there N. America debut there! Pacific

    Mall has lots of eye candy too, often puts me in the mood for

    a good massage session immediately after shopping there.

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    You are a funny guy. If going to Pacific Mall puts me in the mood, I would have been broke looooooong time ago!


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