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Thread: club dynasty

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    Default club dynasty

    Recent series of excellent massages at Club Dynasty on Woodbine, south of Hwy 7, spotless facilities, had a few
    MPA's, all seem to give an RMT like massage, great ambience,
    no releases at this establishment, but with this kind of quality
    of service, non required............will repeat, only place left in

    Markham, that is open after 9pm.....

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    Default club dynasty

    What do the MP look like? Are they wearing professional looking white smocks or street clothes or something suggestive?

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    Default club dynasty

    Thank you very much for the recommendation!

    I always dream about RMT massage without releases after 9 p.m. in Markham! LOL

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    Default club dynasty


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    Default club dynasty

    Markham after 9pm is almost dead in terms of MP's, especially

    since the incidents at Mirage and it appears that in the near,

    there will be nothing left in Markham the way LE and Markham

    City council are going.

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    Default club dynasty

    Actually, there are two more this kind of massage place which open until 2AM in Markham area. Just pm me directly for details

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    Default club dynasty

    Why PM? Is this secret information?

    Actually in Markham there are places with two kind of licence.

    1st - Complementary

    2nd - Body rub

    Complementary MPs allowed to be open until - 9 pm.

    Body rub MPs allowed to be open until - 1am.

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    Default club dynasty

    i think one of the other ones is club de lotto - right next to world bowl near ebc - leslie & 7

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    Default club dynasty

    It would be very helpful if somebody could share some info about prices, tippings and other facilities, etc. .............

    Thank you

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    Default club dynasty

    To Aimless Wonderer:
    You are wrong, BOTH type of establishments are restricted in their hours to 9am-9pm.
    The only exception on the by-law books is for establishments with more than 7000 square feet, they can stay open as long as they please!! Go figure.


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