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    Default Boyfriend won't introduce me to his family?

    I have been dating my boyfriend for almost two years. He has met my family, but won't introduce me to his parents or siblings. When we initially started dating, he was already legally seperated and living apart from his wife. They got a divorce nine months ago. I understand why he might not want to introduce me during or soon after the divorce, but it was nine months ago. He says he doesn't see his parents very often, but neither do I--only around holidays and now and again during the year--but they met him just the same. Since our relationship seems OK otherwise, what are some reasons he might not introduce me and how should it be handled? Btw, his brother and half-brother have introduced their girlfriends to the family.

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    Maybe hes embarrassed.. it's a little weird though that his siblings have introduced their girlfriends.
    I would definitely say something, because i had the same problem for a while, and then one day he just decided to let me meet them after i told him it made me feel like he was embarrassed of us dating.

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    You need to talk to him about it.

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    it may because his family is unhappy with him getting divorced. My friends ex boyfriend was the same way, and he wouldn't introduce them because he had just gotten divorced the year before they started dating, and they were really upset by it because they are a very "to do" family.
    if you really need to know, then just ask your boyfriend. sit him down and have him give you a solid reason.

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    Has there been time when he goes to see his family and said you can't come? Because maybe he's telling you the truth. If he's not seeing them often, then maybe he hasn't really had a good opportunity to bring you around. And holidays and stuff can be stressful and that might not be the best time for a first meeting.



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