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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    I arrived at Aries just before the post-NCAA game rush and got Sunny. My second time with her. She seemed somewhat mechanical and the soft-touch was short and uninspired. In fact, during this she was speaking to mamasan through the curtain, so I was ready to chalk it up to one of those times. However, she became somewhat more interested when i sucked on her nipples, she enjoyed that the first time i saw her and after that we tried a few positions before I popped. I've met Hanna and Sky and Sunny and Cherry?/Titi? and the ladies are a little on the older side but are attractive and nice to be with. 70 door and 1 tip.

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    Is she back? Or a different "Julie" I heard the original Julie went to another place in Jersey.

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    Saw Julie, best full hour; she Od during mish

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    Went to Aries today, saw Micki, early 30s, perky Bs, fit body, one of the rare times that I've been in amp where the message was worth the money, and the finish was fantastic as well, easily went the full hour, definitely try to see her again

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    Saw Sunny/Pink and enjoyed another stellar visit. What I think is sometimes forgotten is that she can do one hell of a massage. Yes, the ST is her strong suit but she does above average massage as well.

    Another thing, it's been implied she doesn't like older guys. I'm no spring chicken but detect no bias against me, she is wonderful and makes me feel much younger. Maybe I'm an exception but this is 3rd or 4th visit and she always makes me feel welcome and special.

    Nothing new but wanted guys to know she is back. She had the flu and was on "vacation" for 3 weeks but is now back and better than ever.

    I saw no sign of LE before or after. Other board one post said they thought they saw LE outside one day.

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    Was in the area on Saturday the 16th and decided to try it out. Had Cherri. Pretty with a decent body ... not a hardbody. Massage was pretty lame but the experience changed after I started massaging her! Incredible experience ... one of the overall best I've ever had. Don't know if that's the norm with her or if we simply "connected" but if I lived in the area I'd soon be declaring banktuptcy. 70 at the door and $ tip which was received with a smile.

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    Well went on 2-13-13 normal rates applied

    Saw Julie (dont know if its the ones people have commented on or a new one)

    Over all very happy.

    Julie was very happy and easy going, before TS she wanted to cuddle because she was cold.

    TS was nice all the important bits were paid attention to, went back to the room for a decent massage (I cant really comment on massages since Im odd since i have never enjoyed them)

    Then on the flip left the room came back got into bra and panties climbed on for some LFK, asking me what I wanted (did not ask for tip) said evething. The clothes came off, went into BBBJ then 69, got into CG, then I picked her up for some fun against the wall (she weighs like 100lb maybe) went into MISH, got her to O, DFK she then really wanted to make my pop went into doggy I poped. Little cuddling after wards, she got dress and left room, at this point I put a tip on table (still never asked and when I left with mammasan she never once even looked at the table for tip)

    Would go again

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    Saw Cherri yesterday, Certainly not Julie but OK. Seemed to lose interest as time went along, but overall very attentive and worth the trip.

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    Im planing on stoping in very soon any word on the new girls for 2013?

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    Default Aries Spa Allentown

    I am starting a new thread for Han's Vision 21 because of Julie/Mimi.


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