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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    Yes they did. Went to their web site and the following message is being displayed. I wonder if it is at a different location.

    The Temple of The New You Lodge

    Has Ceased operations permanently as of 11/29/11

    Rev. Jenn D.D. wishes to thank all who supported this venture

    Long Time Regulars May Call For More Details

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    Has anyone taken the plunge lately on this gal? The ad now says that she is now on her own.

    harrisburg craigslist > services offered > therapeutic services
    Spiritual Bodywork by Jenn (York)

    Date: 2011-12-06, 6:46PM EST
    Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Formally of The New You Lodge, Jenn is now own her own! Sessions will be offered on a limited part time basis just a few weekly and by appointment only. Physio Spiritual Massage and other exciting rituals offered. Cash or Credit. Call early to secure a session! Cash or Credit 717-505-8524. Please note my new number!
    Location: Yorkit's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
    PostingID: 2739747436

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    Well, they certainly can accept payment for the massage service they provide. So just because you pay via CC or Paypal, doesn't mean you're paying for anything illegal. That shouldn't be an issue ... unless you have someone else looking at your CC statement or Paypal account. =)

    With regard to the other issue ... as I said, it's obviously a YMMV deal. I don't know what you have/haven't tried, but perhaps you just need to ask, or be more obvious about what you want. If you've been there a few times already, you shouldn't have a problem getting at least something.

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    If she's offering that, why would they want to take payment in a way that is tracked?

    I don't know what to think, but I was never offered any extras.

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    It now says on their site that if you are a new customer, for your first 2 sessions, you must pre-pay via Paypal or CC. I'm not sure how many new clients they will get this way. Although, perhaps that's their idea.

    I have not been to see Jen, nor do I ever intend to now, but I have been told by one person that (on each visit) he would receive 1hr multi-pop FS sessions for 1.5. This seems like a YMMV type joint.

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    I would be cautious about emailing them about extras. I noticed they outed someone on their facebook page they were getting really bad emails from. Not that anyone here would do that, but who knows at what level they will start posting email addresses.

    Notice also there was a fire at their location due to a dryer, check their web site if you want to know the details. They are ok thankfully and no one was hurt.

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    Saw Jenn this summer as I passed through town. She's easy to get in touch with and was very accommodating with my being 45 minutes late. Upon arrival, I was shown to her studio in the back room of her house. She says something to the husband and leads me back to the studio. I was instructed to get under the sheet and did so.

    As she is massaging, I mention that it's hot in the room and ask her to shorten the sheet, at which time she completely takes the sheet off and puts it away. So now I'm thinking this is a positive sign, but that was it. There was never a hint of anything for the rest of the massage.

    Overall the massage was good, the back scratching was great. Would I repeat, maybe. If I thought there was a shot as some extra's, I would definitely be back. Would love to hear any success stories here.

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    I'm not sure what to make of Jenn in some ways. She seems nice. She's doing this out of her house with her kids there and all so I think it's unlikely for anything extra or if possible she is very picky and cautious but I don't know. I tried the tantric massage once which was disappointing. The only difference between it and the regular massage was cost. I wasn't expecting anything 'extra' but was hoping to at least learn something or have it somehow be related to tantra. I just don't know. I like to try and think the best of people though. Well I try to, sometimes

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    I emailed them a few weeks ago to try to get some extra info on the "services" they provide, but haven't received a reply ... I guess I'm gonna look elsewhere.

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    Default Jenn in Dover (near York, Pa.)

    If you look at the website now, it's been changed a bit, including a photo page of Jen in some model-like poses. (Nothing too revealing). But what's interesting is that there's a page saying they've declared themselves a church and the massages are protected under the 1st and 14th amendments. Might mean nothing more (except that they're now VERY flaky), or that you could have a pretty good time. Also lots on tantra.
    Thinking about going back, but I don't want to waste my time or money if it's more of the same as the appointment I had before (see earlier post in this thread).


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