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    Default Massage parlour world....

    about a week before i went to MP near chakkala .this one is just near to a church and there is petrol pump opposite that one.there were 3 girls all average looking .they told me 700 for half an hour .as soon i entered the girl with a pot belly came and asked me to undress .but i hesitated .all three MP S which i contacted gave me the same rate.

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    Default Massage parlour world....

    I did mention that the girls are "strictly OK" and not OK. what i meant was that they are ok for the price you pay. anyways lemme know where i can get better chicks for a reasonable price in the bandra-vile parle area pls.


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    Default Massage parlour world....

    Hey Megmum,

    buddy looking for direction to Kaajal MP in Andheri, Can you throw some more light on the same.


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    Default Massage parlour world....

    All who visit there, get the number bro.......

    Okie, I have a query, so we all have found and discovered this great joint at Kandivili. Brilliant, but are we saying that this is the only one in the city ??

    Im sure there are a few more hidden and undiscovered around the place......

    Anyone wants to contribute with some info on this ??

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    Default Massage parlour world....

    Tired of Cr**e (not complaining, this is the best so far but just thought to explore something new) wanted to try some new place yesterday. Went to New Link Road near Mega Mall. Plenty of MPs are available. Tried a couple of them not satisfied with quality went back to Cr**e (for 5th or 6th time ). Long Q. Waited patiently for around 1 hour without luck.

    Decided to try some other MP. 100 mtr. down the same lane there is another MP called Glam**r. Quoted 1200 but only 2 girls were available not more than 3-4/10. In the same area found another MP called Co*mo* (not sure if this is the same MP mentioned near Lotus Pump), two girls were standing outside (again less than 5) but guessed it is a genuine parlour so avoided. With broken heart called it a day.

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    Default Massage parlour world....

    Boobybooby, hope u learnt not to initiate an argument and then get Reviewustrated with reactions.the argument started with ur comments on my spending 2k for a massage. and then some unwanted sarcastic advices considering urself a selfdefined senior monger.i think its upto me to spend 2k on a massage or FS or to donate it to u Now pls use ur analytical pie hole and stop chasing me for 17k gal contact coz u r not fool in spending 17k for a shot on high end escorts. u r analytical and u know what u r..
    Dictator- i m sorry if any inconvinience caused to u and my fellow monger brothers due to this worthless argument started by BB.I think every monger has a rite to decide how he wants to spend his money. noone here is stupid or fool and worth to take unnecessary sarcastic comments about spending their money.

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    Default Massage parlour world....

    oh. the other options are to keep carrybag (plastic) or the ballon (children used to play) . so when raid comes, you can tell them you are just playing. nothing more.


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    Default Massage parlour world....

    Try Akki chikki in fort gives good service it on 1st floor nr hotel excellence

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    Default Massage parlour world....

    What is spread across the city is not just the beach, there are bitches waiting to milk money- and if this was a fantasy tale, go on to read the ground realities of zillions of M-capades (maasaage- escapades) that i witnessed all these years of my stay in the never-sleep city.
    To start with, the city has started sleeping- thanks to the movements of social cause.I remeber the days of Red Horse beyond Dahisar Toll- none of the filmi heroines were any match to them- and I mean it none, not even the Zero-sized actresses or the blue-eyed paegants and they are but "Goone with the Windds".Discoverer is at heart and so one fine morning I woke up to the tune of sweet sea-water beyond Bandra and I rushed down to taste the divine water- and trust me, it did taste sweet- though i didnt like it much.Much heard all these years about the famous Pali Hill, decided to check out- and i love walking, so it came naturally to me to spot such parlours.
    Counter charge 1.1K for a piece of towel which lied unused till the last, in an air-conditioned cabin- I have crush on vuluptous figures and sweet faces.The combo is rarely in offer, so i usually get the fat-types - around 55-60kgs.Some amount of dealing and the gal got fixed for 0.6K- the way it starts is with lil powder on your back, i must say they would like to play with your ass (some do with the hole too)- that gives me an instant erection, but tht it was pressed against the luxury bench, lil johnny could do little.Some relaxing foot therapy and I'm asked to turn over. And i do it obediently. Some little on your chest , tummy and the johny and i am up, i am up Reviewom the bench, and starightaway starts kissing- a kiss is a kiss when it rolls the tongue.Was it me or was it she but we both liked it and i couldnt resist sliding her top down.The best lingerie that i have ever seen- or was it luck- it was Red, artistically crmpted, and yet revealing the vital curves.I went mad and sliped my hand pressing her boobs - i like to kiss the lips and the nipples turn by turn in a sequcne and most of the gals have liked it- Lust was never methodical, but that i succeded with some of my tantrums to turn-on the gal, i would definitely like to reap the benefits.And there slipped her skirt and then the last piece of cloth on her body- going by the figure, not a lady i would date with, but who cares this was just the gratification.By now she has started geeting horny- she was giving the love-bites on my chest- to those who experienced it before , you know how it excites you- i let her lie on the bench and reached the pockets of my trouser for Durex and the memories gives me a goose-skin even now to cherish.

    With fatka of

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    Default Massage parlour world....

    Hi Shizznet,

    The rates for the mp is now 500 counter charge and 400 for CBJ, and there is no girl named as pooja and pinky. details are mentioned on my post for the same mp titled gem in worli..

    Its good for a quick relief on your way back to home.



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