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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Makeover is not a great place by any means. The service isn't bad but the girls are not good looking (read ugly). And I don't like the little cubicle with its teeny massage bench. Zamai, too, is a mediocre experience. The Oxygen place near the mazar is pathetic while the other Oxygen on Bukhari is a hit or miss proposition.

    Liquid, it would be great if you'd comment on the others.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Ok great..so how should i approach them..can i ask them on the phone whether they provide 'Extra Services' with their Thai Massage.

    Also can anyone let me know if Roohi Day Spa provides services.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    so Khurram has increased the pricing...I went before Ramadhan and the price was 2000 for the massage, 1000 for HJ and 1500 for FS

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    in defense there is a restaurant called hot and spicy. In Reviewont of the restaurant, you will see a small open field and the back building has a nice massage parlor. There are four to five desi girls. nice place to visit...the massage fee is 2K and the rest is unto you how much you want to spend inside

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    If Oxygen Spa is near your home, you dont need contacts for any other parlors for the moment. You can start with trying out Oxygen. The place is luxurious. Broadly speaking there are two types of massages offered there; the desi and the thai. If you go for desi, it will most probably be offered by two ladies together thus making the possibilities of extras rare. This is not the case with thai so if extras is what you're looking for, the thai would be your best bet.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Have you visited make over? if yes; how was your experience please give the detail. Which one you find best so far?

    Take care

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    yup you are spot on

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Had gone to British Hair last week. Asked for the new recruit Sonya, but I was told she was busy so he will arrange another girl for the massage, and will send in sonya for the rest of the fun. I didnt like the girl he sent in for the massage but I figured what the heck, she will leave in a bit. Turns out the manager told her to complete the session and so she said she wont leave until i pay her. So she basically forced me to pay her up and walked out with a bad attitude. Why should I pay her when I told the manager I dont require her services but instead Soniya's? I decided to walk out of there and am never going again. This is the 3rd time something has gone wrong at BH. The only reason I visit it is because its close by and convenient. Anyways, I just wanted to give you guys a heads up to make sure you finalize the arrangement before you are charged for a service you didnt receive.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    well i have tested most of massage parlours , which ones review do u want ?

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    is brit hair behind the petrol pump on 26th street?


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