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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Nice reviews. Hope everyone had a good time

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Below are the MP's that are currently operating in DHA-Karachi. I have visited all of them and the below write-up is somewhat a guide to all posters of mpnet. Happy Hunting

    Brit Hair MP
    Located behind PSO at Tauheed Commercial, Brit Hair is one fo the best choices for a hapy ending. The owner is very feindly and girls are also very cooperative. If client’s attitude is nice wit the girls, then thye take special care of them. Try Rabia, Sonya, Sawera or Ainy as they are the best.
    Massage Rate: 2000
    Extra’s Rate: HJ-1000, BJ-1500, Sex-2000, B2B-1500

    Confidence MP
    Located behind Kaybees at Khadda Market, this one is so so….the owner is a pro though and very good in manners, but beware some of the girls working there also work at Aishling. Rooms are also spacious with scented Reviewagrances that you don’t finds at Brit Hair
    Massage Rate: 2000
    Extra’s Rate: HJ-1000, BJ-1500, Sex-2500, B2B-2000

    Ashling/Victoria/Smart Choice MP
    One of the worst MP in DHA (maybe in whole Pakistan). The madam there is a horrible hag who puts too much makeup on. The girls are pathetic with body hair all over them. A really dump of a MP. Note that they also advertise Aishling as Victoria Massage Parlour and Smart Choice. If you find in any advert the same Sami then be it known that they are Aishling.
    Massage Rate: 2000

    Golden Touch MP
    Located opposite Hot n Spicy at Khadda Market, is also an average MP but rooms and girls are good here. Girls are cooperative but the noise Reviewom the Hot and Spicy waiters and car horns can spoil the mood.
    Massage Rate: 2500
    Extra’s Rate: HJ-1000, BJ-1500, Sex-2000, B2B-1500

    Silk Salon MP
    Located at Khadda Market, Silk Salon is on the 1st Floor where Makeover is located. Enterance ot the buildingis left of Makeover (Building# is 13C). The Salon is new so girls are few there. Rooms are spacious but just OK. The guy operating is nice but the girls have attitude. You can’t touch them otherwise they scream and get pissed off. Not the place to visit again. Also the girls only provide HJ and HJ without shirt.
    Massage Rate: 2500
    Extra’s Rate: HJ-1000, HJ without shirt-1500

    Dream Salon MP
    Another pathetic MP with makeshift rooms (you can hear everything going on in the other room as divider is make of cheap wood. Located at Khaada Market in the building right side of The Crepe Factory. Girls are average and the madam is one hell of a shit hole who smokes like a hell. Do try Shaista, Maira, Talat. They only provide HJ and nothing else.
    Massage Rate: 2500
    Extra’s Rate: HJ-1000

    Maham Beauty Salon
    Located at Badar Commerical in the lane before Bukhari Travels in one of the cleanest MP’s around. Madam there is very welcoming and girls are also good. Downside is that they only provide HJ, BJ and B2B. Girls are Reviewesh and lovely. Try Sarah, Nisha or Sumera.
    Massage Rate: 2000
    Extra’s Rate: HJ-1000, BJ-1500, B2B-1500

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    name is Green House.. Visible Reviewom Main road (Near some nursory)

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Ok what about Roohi Day's Spa

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Had another flyby BH the other day. Chose an innocent looking WG with the softest suckable nooks this side of the fence. Don't ask for the name - can't remember! :-)
    Anyway, she was a bit downer in the extras dept - no bj, sex in missionary only, couldnt ride as her legs hurt. Made the most of it in the crammy massage bed. Had nice skin though.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    yaar Reviewom my experience oxygen is posh trendy spa and does not provide extras unless you have contacts there

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    You are more or less right about makeover , the girls there arent that good but they offer extra , the charges are like 2500 for 1 hour or 1 n half hour and extra depends on the girl and your skills.

    Zamai is better than make over but not all girls go for extra there , there is a certain lot that surely does it , the place is clean and offer shower n stuff but i never tried it.

    Oxygen is very good and very professional , its standards match the ones abroad and hence expensive as well , in oxygen you got 2 options , either go with Thai or paky girl , the paky girl option is a no no because they work in pair , what i mean to say is that 2 girls with give you massage hence i think the extra goes out of the window or will end up way expensive to convince 2 girls. the thai option is done with single girl , now the catch here is that out of 4 thai girls , 1 is restricted to facial only , so u got 3 left , one is a bit old , so u wouldnt want to ask her for extra , the 2nd one is ok but she only goes extra if u are a regular , the 3rd girl called angie was the one with potential to pass extra and i am sure she must be giving and better looking than the others but she went on vacation for 2 months and might not come back according to sources. all in all its excellent place for normal massage and facial , extra wont be easy for 1st timers.

    The one at 26th Street looks so ugly and some reviews Reviewom a Reviewiend made me not go there at all , so i dont have much info about it but i dont recommend anyone to try mpter my Reviewiends review.

    The one near hot n spicy is reviewed in the thread called shitty place

    there is another one which is behind abdullah shah ghazi and i tried to find it one day but i just couldnt , i roamed around 30 mins to check almost all the streets but it went in vien , heard that they had some thai girls and some paky as well , the place was neat n clean as well but extra service depended on the girl , some went with it , some didnt. cant comment much since i havnt been there.

    There is another gym called studio X , heard the massage girl is good there and the massage itself is a treat but you need to be member of the gym to avail it

    I hope answered most of the questions.

    i tried the ign batuta mall and the hyundai one , they arnt bad but that jumeriah one i never did , any nearest landmark ? so when i go to dubai i try it out ...

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    honestly speaking am not interested to 'EXPLORE' local massage scene. my selected massage joints in Dubai - one in IBN Batuta MALL 11Am to 11pm extra available - 2nd one is Thai massage parlor near Hyundai show room in Deira. 3rd one is in Jumeriah with largest of variety of asian & russian ladies to choose Reviewom. a wonderful nice soothing relaxing massage ofcourse at all 3 places with EXTRA as Option.

    So unless there is some extra ordinary local massage scene review and for me it is workable, I will not try.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Tried to get some guidance Reviewom the fellas here on mpnet but failing so i decided to try out BH for myself. Was a piece of cake to set it up, was shown about 8 ladies and i picked R. She was the newest one there and had onlyh been there for 3 days. Excellent massage, took care of my back since i woke up so Reviewesh this morning. Followed up with some good sex. Im not going to go into the details at the moment but id give the overall experience a 7/10. Best bang for my buck!


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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    thanks for narrating the experience ... we will definitely be careful ...


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