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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    The information about MPs is too old. Are these places still operating? Can someone please PM me the current places for massage and extra service?
    a little help would be highly appreciated.


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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    kynkyboy i thought the entire scene was a scam too, but just recently someone told me about an experience they had there, i think within the last 2 months.

    so thats y i thought that was the one being spoken about in the thread. but then again, could be that the someone in question here just wanted to fly the word around or something.

    personally i prefer working flats as compared to massage parlours, but the way the word is spreading now, im urged to give a massage parlours a try one of these days.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    isn't british massage parlor a scam?

    anyway, i was all set to try out zamai, but they were close the one day i wanted to try them out. next time perhaps.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    For all those who have difficulty finding Brit Hair attached is the map i have made for their convenience

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    are you serious? and ad for a massage parlour in boat basin ?

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Waqar4fun out of curiosity the one at tauheed commercial is this the so called british massage parlour?

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    zamai might offer full service but with selected girls , make over offers full service too.

    hope it helps.

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    thanks Mr Wildrockets

    Lets answer u one by one
    First, yes, i was asking for contacts, when i joined and i must say that few memmbers here helped me in getting them.. I know there r others who wont like to help other (read ME) but still there are other who r very helpful.. I shouldnt forget the name Mr Liquid and i am sure i havent created any problems for his contacts.

    Secondly, i only have heard the names of few MPs but not sure which one should be good..Expereince is good to have, but i woldnt like to waste my money on a shit head.. Already had 2 bad exppereinces , one was the raod pick up (when i didnt had a contact, as ppl like u were not ready to share any) and the other one was .....

    Hope i clarified

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    Default Karachi Massage Parlors

    Turn left on the road immediately mpter the PSO pump. Then turn left again so that you are now on the road behind the pump (and the pump is on your left).

    Go past the "car service walas". As soon as you cross them, look at the buildings on your right. You'll see the sign.

    Its quite a shady looking, dilapidated building, which is what has prevented me Reviewom trying it out - in spite of some fairly good reviews in the recent past. Can anyone shed some light on situation? Is the MP actually in the building with the British Hair sign on it? Whats it like when you go in? A detailed review would be quite helpful - surely I'm not the only who's nearby and could benefit Reviewom a visit

    Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out!


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