Service Agency Escort
Agency OR Spa Name The Rejuvination Center
City Montego Bay
State/Country / Jamaica
Website URL
Telephone 877-979-6657

Visiting Info
Visiting City HedonisimII Negril ,Jamaica
Visiting State

Public Comments
Simone is the kinda young lady that walks ito the room and time simply stops. While on vacation in Negrill Jamaica I found this lovely latin treat.
While on vacation in Jamaica I had the opportunity to meet Simone. Perfect little body in a tight black dress that showed every perfect curve of her body. Her face was flawless Green eyes long micro braids that almost touched her butt. I was on the prowl at Hedonism II and with all of the free booty around me I had to scope out the professional girl working the room. Boy did she ever work it. She first flirted with me at the Piano bar where she gave me her name and she told me she would be in the nude Jacuzzi around midnight. Of course my ass was butt naked at 11:45 and she showed up with what was supposed to be her boyfriend. After watching her for a few minutes make out with her friend. He decides to leave the Jacuzzi. She stayed behind looking incredibly sexy. It looked like feeding time at the aquarium. Now I was a good 20 feet away when the friend left the pool. There were 3 other guys closer and they were on her like shit on stink. I made my move across the steaming waters of the Jacuzzi and positioned myself right in front of her. With all of the cockiness and bravado of Eddie Murphy in the first 48 Hr's movie I looked at the other guys and barked "lack of pussy make you brave" And proceeded to put my mack down. Minutes later I had realized that this sexy young thing had played me like Tiger Woods she just laid me right up on the greens and she knew I was going to be an easy Eagle put.
She was right. I was all in. After a little making out and heavy petting we left the Jacuzzi. I had always wanted to do it under the moonlight on the beach. So to the beach we went. No need to undress since we were already naked she proceeded to give me a fantastic BBBJTC . I think she learned her technique from watching porno movies. She nailed it. hand movements ,eye contact, slurping sounds and all. I had made arrangements to have her till the AM so I let the first round go to completion. It was amazing. We took a break and talked a little. She told me that she really liked Greek.(I was like jack pot!!!)After a little more BBJ I donned a cover and we went to MISS and on to Doggy. While in that position I was able to play with her perfect ass. Not too big but perfectly shaped and tanned. She proceeded to finger her own ass. After a brief Greek tour round 2 was over with a nothing short of porn star finish. COF CIM . It was now time to go back to the Jacuzzi and make all the other guys drool over my new friend for the night. We made out in the Jacuzzi while others watched for what seemed to be an hour or so till I was ready to head back to my room. We crashed. In the morning she gave me one for the road . Next time I am in Jamaica I will make sure I contact this sexy little vixen.

do I recomend?

Age: 23 Waist: 23
Height: 5'4 Hips: 35
Weight: 115 Build: Slender
Hair Color: Black Race: Hispanic
Eye Color: Brown Body Art: Don't know
Bust: 34 C Body Piercings: Don't know
Implants: No Shaved: Don't know

French (F on M) Yes, Uncovered To Completion
French (M on F) Did Not Request
Greek Yes
Russian Yes, YMMV

Other Info
In/Out Outcall
On Time Not Applicable
Kissing Yes, Light
Finishes Unlimited

Escort Pics Not Applicable
Smokes No

Personality Sparkling
Appearance Flawless
Session Fiery
Recommend Recommend

Fee $ 600.00
Hours 6
Tip $ 100.00

Reviewer Information
Reviewer theycallmehawk
Review Date 2005-11-02