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Thread: Cutie Girl NYC

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    question: anyone see Sophie? her pic reminds me of Ashley from Asian Persuasion days, one of my long lost atfs (along with jong and a few others)

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    Good to read that I'm not the only one who sometimes gets...uninspired...Even if the girl is smokin hot, if it's too mechanical, obviously fake, clock watching, then sometimes I can't fool myself into thinking it's a good time and I just wanna get the heck outta there.

    Downside of this place is that there's no TS, just a normal shower that really isn't any fun... When i go there I shower before and just get right down to business.

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    I agree with you, brother. She's beautiful, definitely not a robot, but somehow just terrible at reading her partner's reactions and adjusting to them. I've seen her thrice, and every time the CBJ begins, I lose it. Not sure if I'll see her again, but good luck to you.

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    I'd been eyeing this girl's pic for awhile, and decided to take the plunge a few weeks ago. Let me start with the essentials. The name of the place is Cutie Girl NY. $$. http://www.cutiegirlnyc.com/sylbia.htm. OK. This lady has a SMOKIN' body, especially if you're a leg and butt man. Her pics are absolutely on spot. I called to make an appointment, ususal 2 call deal, My first visit to this place, so they were a little more thorough than usual, no big deal. Sylbia met me at the door and led me to a large room with a double bed. Nice, clean place, not much action going on. I couldn't take my eyes or hands off her as she flitted around in stilettos and a skimpy dress. I was rock hard in an instant, and when she returned to the room i was all set. She rubbed her body against me for a minute, and then the rot set in. I asked her to sit on my c**k, as I was throbbing from the sight of her body. She complied, but even though I am no John Holmes, she couldn't take me deep. She requested missionary, and that was more of the rot. I don't know how to put this, but the girl doesn't know how to f**k! I thought it might be me, or just US, but after awhile I started to lose my boner, so I requested a HJ. She was terrible at THAT as well! I was getting nowhere, so she suggested she get into one of her outfits. I agreed, and she disappeared for a few. She came back in thigh highs, heels, and the white outfit from her pics, and that did the trick! In a few minutes, I shot all over the rear wall. Now, this is one gorgeous woman, and has a friendly attitude, maybe we just didn't click, and YMMV. Weird thing is, I would see her again. Oh, yeah. the CBJ was out of synch as well. Who knows.

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    That was a great and witty reply, sir.

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    What goes around comes around.
    Like a BOOMERANG !

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    You're tip-toing into "jumping the shark" territory here. Cut the crap please.

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    Regardless of my identity or agenda, the post is 100% true!

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    the last time i went here was several days ago and i over him negotiating with the boss. looks like it didn't went well with him. so, yeah, i don't think cutie isn't paying him enough. i waltz by the place today and there was no cops. all the cops are in the subway. as for the girls. irene is pretty, b natural tits, but i decided to not go for it since i had a feeling she would be robot in bed based upon her TER reviews.

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    Default Cutie Girl NYC

    Hey DollarBill. What? Did the CutieGirl people not pay you or refuse to hire you? No one minds a little shilling for your customers but this sounds like revenge bullshit right here.


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