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    Default Candlelight Salon

    Thanks Stocksman! I will definitely check out Jenny. My first trip will be to see Sara. Will post my experiences once I do.

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    Kat was the first girl i ever saw at CS, and i still remember that day! she went away for a while but is back now i understand. She is always a treat and understands you more than you think. If you can succeed in getting Heather to see you (rarely happens now), thats definitely on my list too. I believe Jenny is the irish sweet heart, and you would be amazed at where she can take you despite the innocent looks!!! I havent been in a while as ai am across the pond, but fond memories. See eitehr Jenny or Kat. WHichever way, you cant go wrong.

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    Thanks stockman! Any recommendations there?

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    Candlelight is definitely a good spot to visit once you can get past the intial screening process. One of the good things about CS is that there won't be any switching up on you, and the girls are able to engage you and make you feel comfortable. Its my go to place whenever i am in NYC and need a little bit truly relaxing session.

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    Haven't been here before, but thinking about going to Candlelight soon. Descriptions on their website are a bit coy and vague. Reading here and elsewhere I've heard that the girls are young, friendly, and sort of East Village hip. I like what I've heard about Sara, so planning to go see her when I can. Any experiences with her or other suggestions?

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    its up to you, but not standard at candlelight

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    Had a good session with Kelly. But she was only topless. Do u guys tip these girls on top of $$ ?

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    she has a girl next door look, but with tats, auburn hair and but very wholesome. full figured, very cute, you will like the experience, go for it
    - Gary

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    go to the web site and sign up, you can get the photos there, you wont be disappointed

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    Default Candlelight Salon

    what does kelly look like? I wish they had some pictures of the girls online...


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