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Thread: Beppu Spa

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    Their current phone number can be found in their ad on massageplanet (see above). Not sure if new management, etc because this was my first visit here. Nice place in Chinatown. More roomy than it seems from the outside. Clean. Girls (saw 2) were young and cute. I saw a very pretty girl named Daisy. TS was nice. Decent massage. Pretty erotic and than asked me what I wanted. Told her everything. She said how much? I said don't worry. Nice job, nice tip. She giggled and continued with a CBJ (very good) followed by mish on the table. Then told her to get on top for some CG. Finished. Hot towel treatment and a little more massage. Unrushed, nice service. Gave her which seemed to satisfy her. Would repeat when in the area again.

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    They are still regularly posting on backpage. Did you call these numbers?

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    anybody know what happen to this place? tel number on their site goes straight to busy tone.

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    Yes. Click on the website (link in post #1). 212 ??? 4867.

    The website is awesome Chinglish meets marketing speak. 'Our spa includes the creation of a steam...'

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    $180?! The reviews certainly dont make light of that either

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    Any way to get the phone#

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    I just tried this place. Elevators are not running on the weekends so I had to walk to the 5th floor. Paid the house fees and was introduce to Anna a few min later. she was late 20's to early 30's korean. had TS follow by a massage. Afterwards negotiates prices. CBJ, DATY, missionary and finish with cowgirl. took a quick shower by myself and left.

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    Default Beppu Spa

    Didn't see the other girls but Yuyu was in her mid to late 20s.

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    thanks for the review voodoochild, what was Yuyu's age range?

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    I was there yesterday. This place is korean owned. It's at the top of the large stairs on the 5th floor. You'll pass another spa on the second floor, a garment sweat shop on the fourth floor. The place is nothing to speak of, just a regular KMP with private rooms. Paid my 80 to the door. The girls were having dinner when I got there so I didn't get a choice or a line up. After a few minutes Yuyu came out and took me to the ts, did a good job cleaning my back, played with boys a little and washed my crack. She is thin a a reed and about 5'5 or 5'6 tall with A cups. Not an ounce of fat on that body which is what I like. Face is a 5, the kind or girl you'd never introduce to your mother if you see what i mean. 10 minutes massage followed by cbj and mish and I was out of there. Was in a hurry.
    + she took charge and told me to relax a few times
    + she is a pro with a nice body
    - had to haggle w her about price of services [she wanted 160 :-( got her down to 120]
    - better looking girls at Fantasia on E Brdwy for a 200 flat fee
    Probably will not repeat.


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