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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    Was told of this joint by a Reviewiend so went to try out and below is my Review :

    The hot body scrub was very sensual and relaxing . . . .. esp when she does
    it on and around the balls and dick.

    The actual massage was quite good too, complete with "hot bag" of what felt like rice or salt, that is placed on your back after the massage.

    I took the 1.5 hour session. The mosha lasted about 25-30 mins and then you go for a wash, attached shower in the room. No, you wash yourself whist she goes off to get hot towels for you to lie on after shower.

    After the wash, she does the actual massage which was quite good. Pressure was good. This went on for about 30-40 mins complete with the "hot bag" on your back.

    After this, something unsual happened.

    There was no GQ, while I was still facing downwards, she asked me to lift up my ass a little so that she has access to my tool and started work on it . . .

    I just played along and didn't ask what she was doing and after a min or two, she asked to to turn around, saying it's easier to continue.

    After I turned around, she went to work real fast, pouring the massage oil over the dick and started jerking it to life. All this while there was no mention of price or what she was doing . . . . .

    Anyway, I just let her do her work and I was encouraged to feel her too.
    Boobs was a handful and nipples were small and nice to touch/roll. She was full clothed all the time. She will not even unhook the bra.

    It was taking a long time to make me cum and she reminded me that time was up and asked if I could let it out quickly which totally spoilted the day for me. What started out as a nice sensual experience has turned into a "bad day at the office" for me. So I told her to stop what she was doing and got up. She was really shocked and apologised profusely and urged me to let her continue but I was not in the mood anymore. ( all the older samsters will emphatise and understand the feeling )

    Anyway, I said I'll pay her for the service and told her I've had enough eventhough I didn't cum. There were other distractions too, like the damn counter phone ringing ever so often and so loudly and the door chime everytime the main entrance door is opened.

    Place : Those old shophouse but all cublicles/rooms are on the 1st floor only.
    Name : Can't remember but it's those chinese name like "tingting" or something like that.
    Origin : PRC
    Age : Mid 20s

    Body : 7/10 ( fully clothed )
    HJ : 6/10 ( but I didn't cum. )
    Massage : 8/10
    Mosha : 9/10 ( very sensual, shiok )
    Damage : 90mins (60+50)
    RTF : Yes but will try another one.

    Note : can auto roam but they will not undress.

    Was told there are some new ones and I met a new arrival and promised to try her next time.

    Don't know if this place is already know to you bros here or if it's OK to publish the place in the open so the older samsters please advise.

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    bro... can pm me the contact and detail pls?

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    TS, plz do not publish address openly at any time.

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    Will me interested to try if TS can pm location

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    hi,bro,can you pm me the location ?thanks

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    can PM me the location??

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    Bro ts can pm me the loxation, thank.

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    Actually what is mosha ah?

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    All PMs replied, well almost all except for a few that have no postings, Reviews or very newly registered bros.

    I did "screened", check check abit all who PMed me.

    I was advised not to publish the address openly for obvious reasons.

    Sorry to those whom I did not respond to but if you're genuine, stick around for a while, participate in the discussions and you'll be rewarded with all these "kangtaos" in due time Reviewom all the regular bros here.

    I was once a newbie too, so I understand cos I was leftout before as well.

    If regular bros need the contact, just send a PM.

    ps - not trying to be difficult or anything but just following forum "tips".

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    Default Mosha At Lavender.

    Don't know if it's correct but it's accepted here in the forum and I was told
    by the place that it's called Mosha Massage.

    It's a very sensual body scrub with some warm/hot scrub, like fine sand or salt mixed in a gluey/gel like substance.

    The normal body scrub at a spa is usually in the shower, ( use to have it done at Marina and Peace Centre ) and almost always done by men.
    Older samsters will know what I'm talking about.

    I have also tried it at some other places where they do it in the room/cubicle
    but it almost end up with a wet mattress and its also quite cold as they use cold water.

    With this "Mosha" thing, it's warm, very sensual and shiok. Don't know if the scrub material is the same tho.

    Any more experienced bro like to expand on this, please do so.
    And please correct me if I'm wrong with the above.


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