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Thread: TN in Sembawang

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    who gave the best FJ at Queens? nominate pls!! i'm a boob & good service lover. no big tummy pls :P

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    can try coco,

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    coco dont do FJ... and money face... one time ask me to give her 100 for hj!!!

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    Bro can pm me Ah Juan's contact? Thanx...

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    Hi Fellow Bros..

    I just went down recently..took Apple even thou there are claims that she dun offer specials anymore...

    I took her twice last month and both times i was given specials..still as gd as b4..i must have visited her at least 5 times already

    Anyway, just to inform all..Xiao Bai aka Honey is no longer working..damn..din have a chance to try her...looks so sweet..

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    I tried MWS few weeks back.

    Name: April (Thai/Chinese)
    Massage: 6
    HJ + JG : $80 (non neg.)
    Entrance: $40
    FJ: not avail.

    Reviewiendly and nice lady but expensive visit.

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    being there, had a malay gurl do me...her name is monica..she works part time on sat& sunday only
    divorcee...needs extar cash to support her children

    young and tall with big boobs ( 34D)
    masg --so-so...does only Hj, allows me to mouth and lick her boobs...but no auto roam to her meimei( excuse saying time of month)
    overall ---6.5/10
    damages: $40 for masg + $50 for Hj

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    Hi all bros,

    Went to Qxxxxs yest evening, had book apple for the session. WOW had a super time with her. We were chating all the way. Once she sit on top of me and bend down to show me her asset. wow, almost cant control myself when saw her big (.)(.) Will be back soon =)

    Name: Apple
    Age: 25
    Attitude: talk & chat throughout the session
    Massage: not bad, very good feelin having her using oil to help me massage.
    HJ: Shiok, in the end still suck her asset! Nice experience.
    Damaged: $50 (HJ) + 30 (Massage 1 Hr)
    RTF : SURE!

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    Shitty, went to Wonderful Traditional Thai Massage next door to Qxxxn. Think my eyes kena stamp then choose this old Massage shop!

    Went in was ask to pay first ~ $63 for 90min.

    Then was assigned an aunite Thai! Led to a fuck up room with mattress on floor..already very du lan, when after a while, another customer came in n was lying beside me!!! grrrr.....I ask to draw the curtain yet she say, all men, no need shy lah! KNN. Then massage massage, ask me want to ear wax or not (nabeh)! I rejected. The she just massage my head (the one with a face one) n face. Then say "time's up"..

    Nabeh, lousy experience...please dun goooooo.....

    I just miss Qxxxn by a few door steps...

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    Default TN in Sembawang

    Bro Blkrose,

    I feel for u man...

    anyway guys, any samsters know where Xiao bai went to ?

    Is she still in Spore ?

    I only heard Reviewom Apple tt she left Qu***ns but nv say left as in went back to China or left to other Massage palours..


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