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    Default Review: (Colombia) Juliana from Massage Parlor #8 in Bogota, Colombia

    Date: 2nd week of March
    Name: Juliana - pronounced "Huliana"
    Contact Info: There is no contact info. You have to go to the massage parlor. I will describe exactly where it is below and will try to attach a picture of the building - it's not intuitive unless you're used to this part of the world.
    URL / Website: N/A
    General Area: There are several Massage parlours on the mezzanine at Cassera 15, Calle 104-3. This is diagonally across from the Dann Carlton hotel in North Bogota. Juliana was behind door 8, though there are several "massage parlors" and a restaurant on that floor. I am sure all those people know exactly what kind of a "massage" you are there for. If you stand at the corner of Cassera 15 and Calle 104, you will see the red brick "mall" type of building in the picture. Walk towards it and climb up the set of stairs on the left.
    Activities: Massage, MPCFS, CBJ, DFK (extra charge)
    Session Length: ~40 minutes
    Fee: 70K COP plus 20K COP for kissing (~$49 total!)
    Hair Length and Color: Long brown hair

    Age: 19
    Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
    Physical Description: She has an athletic build, very slight tummy - not a big deal. Beautiful 36C's and is about 115 lbs. She still has a bit of acne and could use some dental work but it's not bad. I'd rate her a 6.5 to 7.
    Recommendation: Yes

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    Default Review: (Colombia) Juliana from Massage Parlor #8 in Bogota, Colombia

    I recommend taking a taxi. Give them the address and have yourself dropped at any corner.




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