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    Default Full Body Massage Sequence (written out)

    Has anyone ever had to do this for class? One of my instructors assigned us this. And wanted details. Which superficial muscles we'd be working with, body landmarks, how we'd transition, etc, etc.

    It was a lot of work. Mine ended up being 7 pages (not including cover sheet). And I have to say, I'm so glad we had to do this. It made me more comfortable giving a massage for our one hour practical because I had the sequence down in my head. I found it helped me improve from just the week before; better rhythm and more confidence.

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    Default very helpful!!!

    I had to do this when I was in school too, and I found it was one of the most helpful things I have ever done as a student. The more comfortable you become now with a routine will only make you a better massage therapist later. Practicals are fun aren't they? Just remember to relax and treat the instructor or student as you would a client. Remember to make smooth transitions and keep good contact with the client. Things will be ok. Hang in there!





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