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01-05-2012, 11:27 PM
Flashes of light, similar to lightning through the fog, were the first indication I was alive. Slowly my vision started to return as though black smoke was being drawn out of the room. I could make out fluorescent lights streaking past like the white lines on a highway. In that instant it hit me like a ton of bricks, the pain! The pain was intense; it was all I could do not to scream. As the initial shock subsided I became aware of the origin of my agony, it was centered in my head...both of them. Fighting through the anguish I was able to become more aware of my surroundings. I could tell I was lying prone on a hard surface and moving at a rapid pace. The ringing in my ears made me wonder if I had been too close to an explosion. But as my hearing returned I could hear voices and soon make out words. There was more than one person, but how many I couldn't tell.

"We've got a code blue balls here."
"He's crashing get him to Examination Room 69, stat!"
"You're gonna make it buddy; hang in there."
"Get Dr. Vanessa Kelly now! Have her meet us at ER 69 right away!"

What happened? How did I end up here? What was going on?
My mind raced looking for answers. The last thing I remember I was sitting at my computer. I had been feeling lonely for a couple of days and thought I would pursue some female companionship. I went to my favorite site where men looking for carnal pleasure hang out, and the ladies who provide such services advertise their wares. That's when I came across a review called "A Private Dick's Tale". The heat of the passion in the words only served to heighten my need for female flesh. As I was reading the last few words of the review's second installment I started to float, or that's how it felt anyway. Then my vision started to narrow, like the shutter of a camera slowly closing. I slumped in my chair gradually sliding to the floor; my head bounced off the hardwood, then darkness.

White lights; white ceiling tiles; white walls; voices on top of each other; gurney wheels rattling; a flat hard surface against my back; and the pain. That's where I was now; that's where fate took me. Not to the eroticism of a woman's lips encircling my throbbing cock; not to the pleasure of a swollen clit at the tip of my tongue; not to the ecstasy of feeling my pressure release in a hot wet pussy to a chorus of female moans. Fate it seemed was cruel, but sometimes fate has other plans for us.

The stretcher slammed through the ER doors and suddenly came to a stop. The voices dimmed and one was heard above the rest. "Everybody out! This man needs my attention." I lifted my head and saw Dr. Vanessa Kelly. She was wearing a black latex dress with black stockings and black heels. The hem line was high and the neck line low. She smiled at me like a lioness and told me she would take care of me. The Doctor told me she had looked at my chart and diagnosed my condition as Sperm Retention Headache Disorder. Vanessa's reputation in this field was well know so I knew I was in good hands, so to speak.

I had started to lift from the stretcher when Dr. Kelly pushed me back down and told me to stay there. She then proceeded to remove my clothing one article at a time while she explained how she would treat my ailment. Once I was fully naked Vanessa said she would have to remove her clothing as well so she could use all the techniques at her disposal. She then grabbed the heart of the matter, my fully engorged manhood. Vanessa commented that I had a big problem and she would have to summon all her skills beginning with a heating lotion to promote blood flow, not to mention the pleasant cinnamon flavor. She then proceeded to apply oral therapy with depth unmatched by any other. Her tremendous skill at massaging my cock and balls with her lips, tongue and throat brought us both to a high state of arousal. I took advantage of the situation to apply a little oral therapy of my own and soon Vanessa's legs were wrapped tight around my head like a UFC fighter. Her hips thrust against my face as she shuttered into a massive orgasm. It seemed like an appropriate time to begin the next phase of treatment, so out came the latex glove and I entered into her from behind. Varying tempo and depth I made sure all aspects of the doggie therapy were explored. Once all avenues of that were exhausted I resumed the prone position while Vanessa applied more oral therapy. She displayed numerous techniques that had me at attention. Dr. Kelly then employed some old west medicine and rode me cowgirl. Again, all variations were explored until she ground her hips into mine for another spasmic O. I needed relief and flipped the good Doctor so I could control the rhythm from above. I slammed all I had into it until I succumbed to fatigue. Vanessa halted treatment temporarily so that I wouldn't go into cardiac arrest. After a few moments of relaxation Dr. Kelly said she had a trick to show me. She applied her mouth to my semi and made it double in size. I laughed because she had already shown me that trick. I called for the latex glove again because I needed to end my suffering. I bent Vanessa over the stretcher and channeled all my energy into my hips over and over again. Her keen senses became aware of my imminent healing as her body began to shiver. I took a firm grasp of her hips and all the pain and tension erupted from my body.

We collapsed onto the stretcher and glowed in the success of my treatment. Vanessa provided me with sustenance to regain my strength and water to rehydrate my body. We then discussed the events that lead to my condition and what I can do to help it from reoccurring. The good doctor provided a holistic treatment with as much energy and enthusiasm as any patient could ever expect. In a world full of quacks there is no question Dr. Vanessa Kelly has a PHD in treating SRHD. She gave me a clean bill of health but said I would have to return for further treatment. Its always a good idea to be proactive when dealing with your health.

I walked down the hall and noticed the paintings on the walls, the laughter of children in the waiting room, staff flirting with each other and my own sense of what a wonderful world I lived in. Ninety minutes ago I entered this building holding onto life by a thread, now I exit exuding life instead.

01-05-2012, 11:31 PM
Thanks for the great review badbone! It's nice to hear you found a medical professional who's number one interest is premium patient care.