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  1. Arun2018
    Arun2018 edgein
    please share the new hung angels forum. thanks
  2. Jetfly77
    Jetfly77 artluvsmassage
    Hey buddy, hope you doing good. Wanted to ask u a little bit about Ambrosia in Calgary downtown..
  3. TOS88
    Touch of Silk on the Queensway :) come on in First time customers get door fee specials xoxo
  4. Mint massage
  5. Mint massage
  6. KingsIslandspa
  7. KingsIslandspa
    Our TEMPORARY location will be the OLD ESCAPE !! NEW OWNERS!! Just a temporary location until we renovate :)Call or text us for more info xo
  8. chandanda10
  9. AryanB
    AryanB rohitsahu5657
    Bro plz share Munirka sp digits. Went there last time and had a LE scare , so don't want to repeat that SP place which is on LE radar. Btw found this forum today. Im active on ISG forum.
  10. chandanda10
    chandanda10 rahuldelhi42
    bela aunty ka number milega kya
  11. Sairam
    Sairam romeshl
    Hey... Did you go to Dsens?
  12. Sairam
    Sairam JijoMong
    How much is Dsens charging for FS?
  13. JWL
    JWL Joe27587
    Pay up.Be a real Man !!!!!! Or are you continuing to pimp Joey ?????
  14. psharma
    psharma KoolShot
    SM meaning?

    can u pl tell exact location what to ask paan wala?
  15. psharma
    psharma bhuppi1111
    hii bhuppi

    have u contacts to exchange?
  16. psharma
    psharma nabakrshn
    can we exchange?
  17. spicyhotlove_1985
    spicyhotlove_1985 sweetbabyjamie
    give u r contact details
    1. sweetbabyjamie
      Jun 18, 2018 at 3:11 PM
  18. Cool guy555
    Cool guy555
  19. Astrid_Les_Furieux
    very available on the ues!
  20. deeplover
    deeplover KKabir
    Hi bro, Can you please send me full name $n Juhu? or if in code language then can you write the full name with codes?