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New Profile Posts

  1. JohnyDepp
    JohnyDepp Badakhan
    Hi bro.. pls send me complete number of Ž!*@ from Kandivali West.
  2. JohnyDepp
    JohnyDepp jk_sailor
    jk_sailor bro pls share Zia phone number in Kandivali..
    My email address is [email protected]
  3. tafmus
    tafmus Rtsh22
    please send me munira's number
  4. mongering1984
    mongering1984 raajraju
    Can. U give me sangeeta' s details
  5. mongering1984
    mongering1984 Abhinav
    Bhai is nisha' ( Mira road) s old no. Active or got changed? If changed please PM me..thanks
    1. Abhinav
      No bro it's same number. But her Timmi v is 11-4 only
      May 22, 2017 at 6:56 AM
  6. fingertips
  7. BangerStyle
    BangerStyle NewB
    Haven't seen in while not on my top list. Take control and you may be surprised. Her Oral average, hard to finish the job.
    Bring the lube, she likes it from behind;)
  8. justforyou99
    justforyou99 Mym82
    Can you plz pm me spas in south Mumbai upto lower parel
    Criteria is hot girls and great massage
  9. sandy8619mumbai
    sandy8619mumbai kaamdev
    Hi Bro, did u found any spa with extras in andheri. If so, please share me the ocntacts. THanks.
  10. maximuseffect123
    maximuseffect123 Kishor2017
    hi , i am from navi mumbai , can u give me contact of sakshi , please i need to release some load u know, please pm me
  11. sandy8619mumbai
    sandy8619mumbai Badakhan
    Hey Bro, Plz share contact of Laila andheri. Planning to try for this weekend
    Thanks bro.
  12. sandy8619mumbai
    sandy8619mumbai kamleshj2
    Hello Bro, Please share any good indie contact with place, if you can. THank you so much.
  13. RDN
    RDN Badakhan
    hi heard about nisha in the blog is it good to go for her
  14. fingertips
  15. Jarvan27
    Jarvan27 4funexp
    Hi bro, if you could share the spa details along with the cost and if any preferred girl over I would very much appreciate it as I am new too and don't have any leads thanks
  16. Ecofriendly
    Ecofriendly Agneepath
    bhai can u share Priya – Pujnabi Girl from Borivali or Preeti -> HW from Thane . i have one contact to share from chembur
  17. Ecofriendly
    Ecofriendly onheatlol
    hey bro cn u share some contacts ?
  18. Ecofriendly
    Ecofriendly suniljamse
    hi bro can u share varsha number i have some contact for exchng
  19. Ecofriendly
    Ecofriendly Amit84
    hi Amit , can u pm me the dombivali HW contact.. I have numbers for exchange
  20. Jarvan27
    Jarvan27 Arath
    Hi bro some spa places with good service near Andheri, Juhu along with the girls names and cost would be much appreciated. Sorry I don't know how to pm im new to this
    forum if you can't pm then please send me the details on this email [email protected] thanks for your help