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Elena from Perla

Discussion in 'Toronto Massage Review' started by helloworld, Jul 12, 2018.

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  1. helloworld

    helloworld New Member

    Aug 20, 2017
    I just noticed that Elena was removed from the premier website. Guessing she's gone. Such a shame since she was so pretty. Anyone know if she moved onto another place or quit the industry?
  2. TheKWguy

    TheKWguy Well-Known Member

    Apr 23, 2018
    Will miss her, she was better looking/overall then Leanna
  3. Buzzkill

    Buzzkill Active Member

    May 8, 2018
    She was off my radar...missed her...

    Funny there are so many girls on all these sights, hard to keep track, would love to try as many as possible, just don’t have the time or money.

    It’s tough to stray when you find a girl that fits all your needs, do you want to roll the dice on someone new who turns out to be lousy? Tough call. Soeonymust be seeing all these other girls that never get mentioned on this board.

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